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The Comforting & Inspiring Words of Jesus

 These are the most comforting and inspiring words I have ever heard. Originally spoken by Jesus to a vast crowd of spiritually thirsty people, today I feel like they speak directly to me. They teach me to love, and remind me of the most important thing of all: that I am loved. So, remember that when Jesus climbed the mountain to deliver this most famous of sermons, he was sending a revolutionary message of life and hope to...
You, the Poor in Spirit
The poor in spirit are those who understand they are in a spiritually weak state and have self-knowledge that they are not perfect beings. They belong in heaven because of their great humility. You too, are well aware you are not perfect, and this is the first essential step towards your ultimate spiritual goal.

You, Who MournBeatitudes
Mourners are those suffering through some distress. Whenever you go through terrible grief in your life, you should know that you are not in fact alone. You may find comfort in many things, but surely the most important is the story of Jesus' life and resurrection, bearing in mind the suffering he underwent for you and me.
You, the Gentle
BeatitudesThe meek are those who give their gentleness to the world, to mankind and to God. The promised 'earth' symbolizes everything that is truly valuable; this will be your oh-so-precious inheritance. 
You, Who Are a Seeker of Truth
They who seek righteousness, spiritual justice, and perfection, with all possible desire, are exactly those people who will get just what they need. 
You, the Forgiving
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It is a blessing to give mercy, to be forgiving, and it is a blessing to receive mercy. Perhaps we will receive mercy from men, but ultimately and more importantly we will receive mercy from our all-forgiving father. 
You, Who Wish to be Pure Hearted
The pure of heart are they who have attained moral perfection. This is such a rare achievement - no man has ever seen God, and many do not believe in him - yet Jesus allows us to think positively about our awesome goal of spiritual enlightenment. 
You, Who Break Up Fights
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Peacemakers not only learn to avoid for themselves the cycle of strife in the world, but also teach the world to avoid its own interminable violence and conflict. 
You, Who Are Persecuted
If you are persecuted for following and loving honesty, truth, and goodness, you are blessed, even if it feels like the whole world is against you. 
You, Who Aren't Always Well Treated
This poor boy is innocent and beautiful, regardless of how the wicked world treats him. He is a testimony to Jesus' philosophy of turning the other cheek. If we were all like him the violence would end. Even if the world refuses to change its ways, the boy is still blessed. 
But You Should Rejoice
So, we should rejoice in the knowledge of what is truly good for us. It is a great blessing to avoid the trouble of the world, to extricate ourselves from folly and spiritual danger.
You Are Important
Yet we still have duties in the world to perform. As salt has a vital purpose for life to even exist, we are called upon to certain vital purposes. Jesus asks us, as responsible people, to maintain our purposes, and always seek the good.
You Light Up the World
As wickedness and sin is darkness; goodness, meekness, and mercy are the light of the world. And by seeking and using these good things, we are lights for mankind to see their way out of the darkness. We must inspire other people, and simply behaving well is that inspiration.
And You Build God's City
Instead of setting bad examples, set good examples for other people to follow. If we build ourselves and our family, our neighbors and our community with such a firm foundation of spiritual humility and kindness, we will be seen by everyone else as a beacon of true love.
By following Jesus's sermon we are becoming spiritually fuller people. And you are, in your own circle, helping the world to its better destiny, showing everyone the true value of being good.
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