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Incredible Hikes to Take in Your Lifetime

 Sweeping valleys, majestic mountains and lush forest terrain, these 10 stunning trails are a hiker's paradise. Take caution though, the list features only the most iconic, dramatic and beautiful hikes - none of these routes are necessarily easy to tackle. Nevertheless, the challenge is part of the fun, and their breathtaking scenery make them well worth the effort.  

Tour de Mont Blanc, France 

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Mont Blanc. Flickr: Didier Weemaels

The highest mountain in the European Union has long lured hikers. The trail begins and ends in Chamonix, France and passes through magnificent valleys that extend into France, Switzerland and Italy, as well as through several picturesque alpine villages, including Courmayeur, Italy. The hike covers a total of 105 miles, and along the way, you may rest up in accommodations that range from high-end resorts, to dormitory-style hostels.  


Laugavegurinn, Iceland 

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Landmannalaugar - Hrafntinnusker trail. Flickr: Jenny Salita

Spanning 55 kilometers, Laugavegurinn is Iceland's most popular hiking trail - one that offers a great variety of landscape. The hike will typically last four days and en route you will happen across mountains in almost every color of the rainbow, imposing glaciers, hot springs and plenty of rivers and lakes. However, anyone looking to hike this route should book their accommodation well in advance - the trail only offers six huts. Alternatively, you may choose to stay at one of the campsites located at the huts, although reservations are still necessary. As for the track's difficulty? That depends entirely on weather conditions.  


John Muir Trail, USA 

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Guitar Lake on John Muir Trail. Flickr: Miguel Vieira

The John Muir Trail is a 211-mile world-famous hike that stretches from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney (the highest peak in the US). For most of its length, it overlaps the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,650 mile hike that spans from Mexico to Canada (more on this magnificent hike below).  


The Angels Landing Trail, USA 

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Along the Virgin, Zion National Park, Angel's Landing Trail. Flcikr: Don Graham

The Angels Landing is one of the most famous and thrilling trails that takes hikers through the majestic scenery of Utah's Zion National Park. For the most part, the path includes narrow ridges with deep chasms. In fact, most hikers use chains for assistance before ending at the top of Angel's Landing. Nevertheless, while it may be hard to scale, the stunning 360-degree-view at the top is incredibly rewarding and will leave you standing in awe.  


The Narrows, USA 

Best Hikes

The Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah. Flickr: Mark Byzewski

The Narrows is another popular trail in Utah's Zion National Park, and is one of the world's best canyon hikes. This hike can be tailored to suit any ability level too. However, with the trail being amid the Virgin River, do plan on getting wet. The cool water though, makes this 16-mile hike particularly pleasant during the hot months of summer.  


Sarek National Park, Sweden 

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View from Skierfee, Sweden. Flickr: Kitty Terwolbeck

Located in Jokkmokk, Sweden, this park has mountains that rise over 6,000 feet and close to 100 glaciers to explore. The rugged trail also includes narrow valleys filled with rushing waterfalls and views of massive glaciers. It is also known for its wildlife, which includes large elk and many predators.  


The Chilkoot Trail, Alaska to Canada 

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Sheep Camp, over the Pass into Lindeman City. Flickr: Joseph

Trailing from Skagway, Alaska to the Yukon territory of Canada, this historical route was used by thousands of stampeders who made their way to the Klondike, leaving a trail of boom towns and history behind. The hike includes a steep climb through the Chilkoot Pass, filled with miles of alpine scenery.  


Tiger Leaping Gorge, China 

Best Hikes

View of Jinsha River and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Flickr: Mulligan Stu

The Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of China's best hikes, allowing visitors to marvel at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the Haba Snow Mountain. The trail can be done in three parts, with the upper, a  9 kilometer trail, being the easiest and the most preferred by tourists. Along the way, hikers can witness cave drawings, offering a historical glimpse into the country. The path is also lined with inns and hotels, offering a comfortable journey throughout.  


The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, Mexico to Canada 

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Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Oregon. Flickr: Bureau of Land Management

This spectacular trail spans over 2,000 miles from Mexico to Canada, winding along the Sierra Nevada and through the Mojave Desert. The trail, which passes through deep forests and volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range, becomes overlapped by the John Muir Trail (see above) at a certain point.   


Torres del Paine National Park, Chile 

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Landscape, Torres del Paine National Park. Flickr: bibliojojo

Located between Cordillera de Los Andes and Patagonian Steppe, this National Park has a 181,414 hectare surface, consisting of a number of trails that take trekkers through the high peaks of Torres del Paine, while passing through awe-inspiring glaciers and glimmering lakes.  

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