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This Game Is Both Fun and a Good Mental Exercise!

The "Fit It Quick" game gives an excellent mental workout, along with some enjoyable fun. You must use your logic and spatial reasoning to adjust the bricks so they fill up the board perfectly. However, if you want to get the full score, you'll have to act quickly! 

For instructions, scroll down below the game.

At the main screen:
* Click on play gameto reach the levels' menu, where you can pick the level you want to play. At first you'll only be able to play the first level, you'll need to advance in the game to open new ones.
* Click on mute music to mute the music.
* Click on mute sounds to mute the sounds.
During the game:
* You must adjust the shapes to the places marked on the board, so they are all covered.
* At every level, a clock will appear above the board showing you how long it has been. The longer it takes, the less stars you'll get when you finish the level.
* Click on restart to reset the clock and restart the level.
* Click on pause to open the game menu, where you can go back to the main menu by clicking on quit.
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