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An Optical Illusion You Can Try At Home!

Most optical illusions require specilized images, software or hard work. This simple optical illusion is incredibly easy to reproduce and yet is very powerful and amazing to behold. Watch the following video to understand how to perform the illusion, which only requires a simple drawing and 2 equally sized items!

(Check under the video for an explanation of how this illusion works)

Explanation: Our eyes use several tricks to understand size and depth. In order for us to understand that the object far away from us is a certain size, say a car or a mountain, our eyes use perceived distance to understand what the size of this object should be (among other methods, such as size comparison). 

When we make this drawing, the grid we put on it 'tricks' our brain into thinking that the 'larger' cigarette is actually further away from us than the 'smaller' cigarette. Because they are actually the same size, our brain 'compensates' by making the cigarette seem like a bigger object that is further away from us. This is why we see the cigarettes as having 2 different sizes.

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