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TomTato - Potato and Tomato By One Plant!


Have you ever heard of the Tomtato? Imagine a plant that produces some of the sweetest cherry-sized tomatoes you could ever wish to eat, and at its roots, underneath the soil, grow full sized potatos. You don't have to imagine it though, because it exists.

It's call TomTato and a UK company has bred them. Rumors are they even have competitiors in a New Zealand company doing something similar. Considering most people have a finite amount of space in their gardens, this could be a very sought after plant!

TomTato was not made by interfering with the genetics of the plants, but through a process calling grafting, where the tissue from one plant is grafted on another. This is the result of years of attempts to create the plant, and Thompson & Morgan, the UK company who made this breed, say that grafting has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years, which explains this incredible breakthrough.

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