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Movie Review: To Rome With Love

This June sees the opening of 'To Rome With Love.'

Continuing his love of beautiful cities, Woody Allen's next film is in one of the most breathtaking of all cities, Rome, where he directed 'To Rome With Love'.

Who to see it with: Your 35+ year old partner, anyone who likes beautiful locations and of course any Woody Allen fan.

Comes Out: USA: 6/22 | Brazil: 6/29 | Canada: 7/6 | France: 7/4 | Russia: 7/5 | Sweden: 8/28 | 


Watch The Trailer For: 'To Rome With Love'

A great cast includes: Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni, Penelope Cruz, Judy Davis, Jesse Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig and Ellen Page.
Our Review: Coming to this movie, we were unsure what to expect. Woody Allen is known for making some great comedies along some very weird ones. Luckily, this is one of the former - a cool, relaxing comedy that has a few interlapping and energetic stories that clash against the rustic atmosphere with their urban smart humor. 
The first thing the viewer receives is a sensual delight, as Mr. Allen uses beautiful location after location to shoot his movie at. This is the side of Rome we all love to see and here we get it in spades - the old buildings, the beautiful country side and the beautiful people themselves.
The actors are perfect for their respective roles, with Roberto Benigni mostly playing himself and Alec Baldwin being charming. Penelope Cruz does a great job considering she is Spanish and not Italian, and she looks stunning with a very sensual twist.
Conclusion: This is a very nice romantic movie, great for couples and those that love to see beautifully shot movies in beautiful cities. However, we'd recommend to only watch if you and your party are over 35 or this just not be to your liking in terms of reference and the gentle but mischievous humor
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