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15 Mind-Bending Optical Illusions

‘Life can sometimes be deceptive, and you shouldn’t always trust your own eyes,’ is what we learned after taking a look at these mind-bending photos. They will make you think they’re one thing, but they’re really something very different. This is indeed an excellent exercise for both your perceptive capacities and your ability to correct visual distortions. Plus, it’s really just a lot of fun, so enjoy looking through these 15 optical illusions.
1. This is a closeup photo of an eye, right?
Wrong, it's just some soapy water going draining away in a kitchen sink.
optical illusions eye sink
Image Source: annalisa_hilo/ Instagram
2. We actually think that including the dog in the commercial would actually be a huge improvement
Even dogs can dream of becoming a ballet dancer when they grow up.
optical illusions dog ballerina newspaper
Image Source: recreoviral
3. Did we all miss the invention of the flying carpet?
Not at all, it's just a well-positioned photo of a lady giving a speech on a podium and the shadow of a flag.
optical illusions flying carpet lady reading speech
Image Source: reddit | [deleted]
4. What a cute caterpillar!
Oh wait, it's actually just nine adorable birds sitting together on a branch.
optical illusions caterpillar birds
Image Source: recreoviral
5. A hovering head?
Not at all, the woman's outfit simply matches the nautical background maybe a little too well.
optical illusions woman on the beach matching outfit to background
6. This parrot is no bird...
...as in reality, it's a model with some pretty impressive body art painted to confuse us all.
optical illusions parrot body art
Image Source: Talltanic
7. What magnificent mythical creature is that?
None at all, it's just a very well-positioned photo with a bird hiding in the background.
optical illusions lamb bird
Image Source: recreoviral

8. The perspective makes you think the giant man is moving cars

But it's just another clever trick with perspective that's distorting the natural proportions of objects.
optical illusions playing with cars surreal
9. A two-headed goat...
...turns out to be just two white goats cuddling.
optical illusions two headed goat
Image Source: recreoviral
10. The bride's fluffy skirts make us believe she's a live centaur!
optical illusions bride on a horse and groom
11. Is this a supersonic stork?
More like a regular stork covering up a plane in the background.
optical illusions supersonic stork
12. What would you call this underwater creature?
A reverse mermaid is our best name idea.
optical illusions
Image Source: Google+ | National Geographic Russia
13. What on Earth is this man doing with the poor baby?
Nothing dangerous, actually. He's just showing the baby a very beautiful model train installation.
optical illusions man holding a baby above model train installation
Image Source: kynlais via reddit
14. Just a regular cup of coffee...
... but with an angry 'foam owl' staring right back at you.
optical illusions owl made of foam coffee cup
15. Unbelievable! These people seem to be walking on the bottom of a pool
But this is just a very clever art installation by the Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich​.
optical illusions Leandro Erlich pool illusion
Image Source: Leandro Erlich
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