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The Intricate Details in These Dollhouses Are Fascinating

Dollhouses are for children, right? Well, not always. The ones we have featured here are truly fascinating and you are sure to be amazed at how elaborate and detailed they are. There’s one dollhouse that has working plumbing and electricity, and another one that has a detailed Victorian library inside! These dollhouses are so charming, we wish we could actually live in them...

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1. The Astolat Dollhouse Castle is the most expensive dollhouse in the world. It costs around $8.5 million and took two years to complete. The dollhouse stands at around 9 feet (2.7 m) tall, and it has working plumbing and electricity.

Charming Dollhouses, Astolat Dollhouse Castle

2. This 5-feet (1.5 m) tall dollhouse looks so charming

Charming Dollhouses, charming cottage

3.  A Victorian dollhouse from the 1880s

Charming Dollhouses, Victorian

4. This dollhouse has been modeled after a 1912 apartment building

Charming Dollhouses, 1912 apartment building

5. There's a dollhouse inside the bedroom of this dollhouse! Amazing! 

Charming Dollhouses, bedroom

6. Doesn't this look cozy? 

Charming Dollhouses, cozy

7. This little fish lives inside her own dollhouse! So cute!!! 

Charming Dollhouses, fish

8. You've got to admire all the intricate elements here

Charming Dollhouses, detailed

9. This incredibly detailed Victorian library is inside an antique dollhouse

Charming Dollhouses, Victorian library

10. A dollhouse-sized chemistry lab. So cool, right?

Charming Dollhouses, chemistry lab

11. We bet book lovers would swoon over this dollhouse 

Charming Dollhouses, bookstore

12. A dollhouse inspired by the Lord of the Rings books

Charming Dollhouses, Lord of the Rings

13. If we didn't tell you this was a dollhouse, you could have mistaken it for a modern apartment.

Charming Dollhouses, modern apartment

14. Ah... Imagine living inside this one, with the pool and the beautiful terrace! 

Charming Dollhouses, pool, terrace, building
All images source: Acid Cow
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