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14 Awesome DIY Kitchen Hacks That Actually Work

Cooking can often be a time-consuming and frustrating task. This is why we all love a good kitchen hack - they make our lives a little easier. We have collected 14 genius tips and tricks for you today, and we have a hunch you will really appreciate them. From using a fork on your Oreos to putting a rotating tray in your fridge, these hacks may sound weird, but they are pretty useful. Scroll on and find the ones that will be helpful to you.

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1. Use a fork on your Oreos so that your fingers never touch the milk

DIY Kitchen Hacks, Oreos

2. A smart way to let your toast cool so one side doesn’t get soggy.

DIY Kitchen Hacks, toast

3. “If you’re baking brownies and don’t have a small enough baking pan, roll up some tin foil and it works as a barrier perfectly.”

DIY Kitchen Hacks, baking brownies

4. You can use the hack from above on a few other dishes too...

DIY Kitchen Hacks,

5. To stop the smell of onions, place a paper towel under the cut end. It will absorb all the odor!

DIY Kitchen Hacks, onions

6. “For large batches of cookie dough, roll it into logs, freeze and slice off what you want, and enjoy fresh cookies anytime!”

DIY Kitchen Hacks, cookie dough

7. Putting your cooking oil in a soy sauce container will help you drizzle it more easily

DIY Kitchen Hacks, cooking oil

8. Save freezer space by cutting out the cooking instructions from the box

DIY Kitchen Hacks, cooking instructions ON  box

9. To keep the lid from a smaller pot from submerging completely, secure it with a chopstick

DIY Kitchen Hacks, pot

10. Adding a little food dye when you boil eggs will ensure there's no confusion as to which ones are raw and which cooked

DIY Kitchen Hacks, hard-boil eggs

11. A medication syringe can be a great tool to measure honey for baking recipes

DIY Kitchen Hacks, medication syringe

12. Storing cake in a container can be messy, as the bottom part tends to stick and you have to dig it out. Here's a simple solution: flip the container upside down and use the lid as the bottom

DIY Kitchen Hacks, cake

13. Place a rotating tray in your fridge. Accessing the stuff in the back becomes so much easier!

DIY Kitchen Hacks, rotating tray in your fridge

14. Use your bread ends to soak up grease

DIY Kitchen Hacks,  bread ends
All images source: Acid Cow
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