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6 Surprising and Useful Uses for Fabric Softener

Fabric softener is a common, useful and very fragrant substance that allows us not only to soften our clothing fabrics and make them pleasant to the touch but also to perfume them and ensure their good smell. Fortunately, these aren’t its only uses – Fabric softener can really be put to use around the house with these 6 uses that will upgrade your home and its surroundings:


fabric softener


1. Polish your windows

If your windows are dirty to the point that even window cleaner is useless, try fabric softener. Pour a little softener on to the stains, wipe with a rag, and see how quickly your windows clear up.

2. Clean up fur

Try this next trick for getting rid of your pet’s fur that seems to stick to every surface imaginable: in a spray bottle mix water and fabric softener in a 2:1 ration, spray the solution in places where you find fur and vacuum. 

3. Clean burnt cookware

To have your cookware shining once more, just fill the pot with water and drip a few drops of fabric softener in it as well. Let sit for about an hour and wash the dish. The burnt food and black stains will be gone before you know it. 


fabric softener


4. Keep the bugs away

In order to keep the bugs away from your abode, fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of fabric softener. Spray the solution in areas you know bugs come in from or even gather. The bugs will keep away because of the softeners strong smell. 

5. Get rid of water and soap stains

In order to clean leftover water and soap stains simply take a dry rag, dip it in some fabric softener and rub it over the stained areas. Wait a few minutes till it dries and go over once more with a wet rag. 

6. Remove bad odors from your carpets

If your carpets absorbed bad odors all you have to do to freshen it up is mix some fabric softener and water in a spray bottle and spray your carpets with the solution. Doing so will get rid of the bad smell immediately!

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