Are You More Nuanced or Bold?

 Are your thoughts, feelings, and behavior subtle and nuanced, or are they bold and direct? Once again, we delve into your subconscious choices of various colors to learn more about who you are. For this quiz, choose the colors your gut instinct seems to indicate and NOT what makes sense to you logically.
Give this tree's leaves some color...
Color the skies...
Choose the dominant tint you'd use to color in this image.
Which tone would you use to color these boats (instead of black)?
Color this flower... (you don't have to stick to nature)
Choose the dominant tint you'd use to color in this image.
What color would you use to color the leaves of this tree?
Change the baby blue color in this photo to a color of your choosing.
Change the red color in the photo to another hue.
Pick a color to replace the red in the photo.
Choose a color to take the place of the red.
Choose a color to take the place of the red in the photo.
You Are Nuanced
You see variations in almost everything. Everything can have shades, not only colors but emotions, expressions, words, and phrases. You never use a word that is too strong if you have one more fitting the vagaries of what you want to convey. Socially, it's much the same; you don't confront people when you can use a more subtle approach. You convince, soothe and placate. You design your surroundings with great understated taste, the harmony of the colors quietly coalescing into what you really want to express. Your thoughts and emotions can be very subtle at times, leaving you wondering as to their veracity. It is sometimes hard to when one has such a varied palette. Remember, there is also room for direct action and lush colors in this life.
You Are Balanced
You have a balanced approach to color. In some cases, you are as bold and direct as can be, while in others, you are nuanced. It seems to matter to you what the situation is and what your previous feelings and thoughts about it are. We all have things we are confident about and things we are more cautious with. It seems you have struck the right balance between nuanced thinking and bold acting. If we were wagering people (which we aren't), we would wager that your thoughts are nuanced, but your experience has taught you that direct action can be most helpful and that if we get TOO subtle, we may lose the opportunity to act.
You Are BOLD
You have a bold approach, not only to color and art but to life itself. Your thoughts, your feelings, it's not that they are simple or rash, but they tend to be purer than others'. The feeling of anger is anger. Joy is joy, horror is horror. You are not bothered much by mixed emotions and ambivalent thoughts and actions. There is courage in such thinking and behavior; you stand in front of the world, bold as can be, unafraid of the wrong choices and missteps most people seem to dread. You choose purity over mixed emotions, energy over hesitation, and courage over caution.
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