Which Magical Creature Are You?

 Human mythology is filled with magical creatures, each with their own personalities, shapes and powers. Whether you believe in them or not, like most human stories, they also represent different aspects in human personalities. So, which magical creature is YOUR archetype?
Which of these is the ultimate temptation for you?
Money, jewelry and expensive things
Judging and searching for the truth of matters
Causing mischief
Sweet foods and drinks
Freedom from current situation
Do you serve others more than they serve you?
No, people serve me way more than I do them
Yes, but I like it that way
Yes, and I wish things were different
No way, that's unthinkable to me
Choose a photo
Pick a superpower you wish you had
Being invisible
Making wishes come true
Becoming tiny or large on a whim
A super ability that would make me invincible
I'd rather have the ability to make lots of money
What would you rather be, small and nimble or big and imposing?
Small and nimble
Big and imposing
Neither, I like being my size
Pick a fun activity.
Investing and playing with my money
Make peace between fighting friends
Doing something completely random and silly
Doing something rebellious
Doing my work, which I love
Do you find your energy to be more feminine or masculine?
I have no idea
More masculine, I believe
More feminine, I believe
A little of both
Do you believe you serve a higher power?
Yes, I serve a force for good
I serve no one
No, though I would like to
Yes, I serve a neutral force
I serve but I wish I didn't have to
You've been waiting in line for half an hour when someone cuts in front of you without a second glance. What do you do?
Roar and throw them out of the line
Will ask them pointedly to get out of the line and obey the rules
It's a great time to pull a little trick on them, like putting ketchup in their open bag...
Make a show of it and embarrass them in front of everyone until they leave
Pick the element you most resonate with.
Which of these jobs draws you the most?
Business Person
Jewelry Maker
Finally, pick a place to call home.
A Genie
A genie person is someone creative with a powerful personality. Yet, you are often frustrated because you cannot display the fullness of your powers and skills. You end up lending your powers to others, helping them achieve their dreams while you are still waiting on yours. More than anything, you want the freedom to make your own choices and do whatever you like. You have such power inside you, rise and break the shackles, they are only in your mind...
A Unicorn
A unicorn hides in your soul! This means you, deep inside, are a warrior for all that is just and right in the world. You have a highly developed sense of what is right and wrong. You have a strong spiritual side to you, that opens up in nature and in the sun. You love children and every animal that you see as innocent. You're a fierce protector of those you care about, and people know they can always count on you when it comes to support. You're a great listener, and you often play that role amongst your friends.
A Fairy
A fairy person is someone who knows how to enjoy life. The name of the game is fun fun fun, and you have lots of it! You love silly humor, games, and everything else that takes the sting of boredom out of life and replaces it with excitement. You fall in love easily but also fall out of love just as easily. You change yourself, your surroundings, and your goals often, and find that whatever you do, joy must come with it. People around you are attracted to your free spirit and love to see the shine in your eyes when you're excited about something. They know that with you, they'll probably end up in adventures that are fun but not dangerous.
A Gremlin
We know what you're thinking: "A GREMLIN? UGH!" But wait, hear us out first. Gremlins may be sinful sometimes, especially in folk tales, but they are also a fiercely intelligent race. They are chaos personified when they want to be, causing mischief and laughing at the stupidity of others. They like to break the rules, make things fall apart, and create disorder out of order. They are also great business people, savvy for deals and a realistic view of the world that often makes them rich. They are cunning, their influence subtle, and their schemes complex and epic. Their true selves are usually hidden from others.
A Dragon
Watch out, here comes a dragon person! Dragons are almost always powerful people. They are quick to anger, and that anger is legendary. Few can find the courage to stand in their path or argue with them when the full glint of rage shines through their eyes. They are also magnanimous and kind to those less powerful than themselves. However, they are also territorial and protective of their homes in the extreme. Trespassing on a dragon person's property or stealing from them is about the worst (and maybe last) idea a person can have. Dragons often find themselves in control of others, whether at work or home, because serving another is unthinkable to them.
A Dwarf
Dwarven people are the people who hold this world together. You are hard-working, dedicated, and will not be stopped by ANYTHING once the goal is clear. Your stubbornness is legendary among those who know you, and you're a stickler for the rules. Nothing annoys you more than people flaunting the rules and acting like they own the place. You have a long fuse, but it's very hard to calm you down once it is lit. You are fiercely loyal to your family and a small, close group of friends. You would die protecting them. You have little patience for complainers, and always prefer an honest, brutal truth to a beautiful lie.
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