Theatre Jokes

Why did the penguin enter the theatre?
He wanted to go into snow business
Julius Caesar ordered pizza for the senate at Theatre of Pompey
Casca: How could you not order enough pizza for everyone?

Julius: But there was enough for everybody to have a slice...

Brutus: I ate 2 slices.

10 saxophone players blew up a theatre...
authorities are on the lookout for the tenorists.
10 saxophone players blew up a theatre...
authorities are on the lookout for the tenorists.
Why did the Lord of the Rings author get kicked out of the movie theatre.
He was Tolkien all the way through.
Who are the biggest fans at the theatre? The backstage crew - They're always giving props to the actors.
An actor arrived for his rehearsal at the theatre.
As he looked around, an incredible feeling of deja vu swept over him.

Suddenly he realised the set seemed like a weird adaption of his apartment, the actress looked like an odd version of his wife, and the director sounded like an eerie rendition of his dad.

"Uncanny!" He thought. "I've arrived at a strange stage of my life".
Q: Did you hear about the blonde couple that were found frozen to death in their car at the drive-in movie theatre?
A: They apparently went to see "Closed For The Winter"
My dad always said the secret to theatre was to always leave them wanting more.
He was a great guy but a terrible anaesthetist.
Theatre - the one place it doesn't pay to read between the line.
Theatre costumes must be handled with care since they're often laced with something.
I'm coming out of the closet to tell everyone I was just hired as a seamstress for the theatre.
Our backstage manager is leaving at the end of the year. He has been an outstanding member of our theatre team.
Props to him.
A prankster played a really dark and dim-witted joke at the theatre. He turned off the lights.
I tried to come up with a funny theatre joke, but it was all just an act.
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