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An Over Exaggeration Three men were sitting at a veterans bar talking. One was American, One was English and one was African. At some point, the American said: "Did you know that our air force is so big, that when all our planes are out flying. We can't even see the sun!" "That's nothing!" scoffed the Englishman. "Our Navy is so huge, that if we line up all our boats we can walk on a straight line all the way from England to America without getting wet feet. After a short while the African said: "One day when I was taking a piss in the forest, 14 crows landed on my penis... At the same time." That was when they all realized that maybe, just maybe... They all over exaggerated . The American admitted: "Well, maybe we do see the sun shining through...". And Englishman answered: "And we actually have to swim a bit to reach the American shoreline..." And the African said: "And those 14 crows... Well, they were sitting pretty close together."
I wouldn't say that flying is my favorite way to travel...

But it's up there.
How do rabbits travel?

On hareplanes!
I hate it when planes don't have free WiFi.
It drives me bored air line crazy.
My grandad was responsible for 28 downed german planes in WW2.
Still to this day, he holds the record as the worst mechanic the Luftwaffe ever had.
What happened when a man practiced archery near some stationary planes? They ended up very arrow-dynamic.
My son asked me how often planes crash
Usually just once
Sometimes planes go in for maintenance when they have cracks in their bodywork, we call them air-line fractures.
There are more planes in the ocean than there are submarines in the sky
This much is plane to sea
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