Was your guacamole salad good?
Yes, it was avocado this world.
If I buy you guacamole, will you sleep with me?
You must think I’m some kind of avocad-ho.
What do you call it when Satan steals your guacamole?
Playing Devil’s Avocado.
What did the tortilla chip say to the guacamole?
“You are all I avo wanted.”
What did the waitress say to the customer who wanted free guacamole?
“You can kiss my Hass.“
What do you call an avocado after a priest blesses it?
Holy guacamole.
What do chemists make guacamole out of?
How does a robot eat it’s guacamole?
How do you know when guacamole has gone bad?
When it turns guaca-moldy.
What did man say to the guacamole?
Avocado crush on you.
How many atoms are in guacamole?
Avocados number.