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9 Things in Your Attic You May Prefer to Sell Rather That Donate

Almost every week, our tips section shows you the best ways to clean and de-clutter your home. We have hundreds of different methods for keeping your home tidy. And even without us here at Baba-mail, the good old American tradition of having a yard sale is a sure-fire way to keep up with your annual de-cluttering. But if, by any chance, you do have an attic full of antiques, consider taking these 9 items to the local antique store for appraisal. Who knows, you could be sitting on a jackpot without even realizing it!

Vintage video game consoles

Models from the 1980s are the ones that will score big cash, especially if they're almost unused or as good as new. Individual video games can also be sold for thousands of dollars. It all depends on their rarity and condition. In March of 2020, a Nintendo PlayStation prototype sold at an auction for a staggering $ 360,000! Video games can sell for as high a price as $ 20,000. If the video games you have are not that rare, you can still sell them for a minimum of $ 20 on your next yard sale. 

Art Deco clocks

Clocks designed in the art-deco style were very popular in the 1930s and 1940s, so you probably had one at your parent's house. As you can see from the two examples above, the variety of designs is huge, so try discovering when your vintage clock was manufactured, if you're not sure it can be considered art-deco. Try looking for these design elements: geometric shapes, gold and chrome accents, heavy materials, and mirror faces.
Many clocks will go at a $ 25-50 price, but if you chanced to find a higher-value model, you could earn up to $ 1,000 for it. Manufacturer names to look for are Westclox and Telechron. The name will be on the front of the clock. 

Vintage lunchboxes

If you've got a metal vintage lunch box, chances are it holds a great profit. If it features the Beatles, original Disney characters, the Jetsons, Roy Rogers, or even Rambo, consider taking it to the antique shop. As with every antique or collectible, the better condition, the higher the price. These can go for as high as $ 3,100.  

Duck decoys

Duck decoys
The world of antique collectible duck decoys is a surprising one for the unfamiliar eye, but it has a rather long history. They became a highly cherished collectible in the mid 20th century, and their prices have continued to climb ever since. If you've got one, it's probably an inheritance that could earn you thousands at an auction. You can click here to read more about the features of a valuable one. One wooden duck could make you $ 650,000 richer. 

Vintage baseball cards

Here's an item you probably wouldn't want to part with, if you collect baseball cards yourself. Still, everyone has a price, and your card can yield you even millions if it's rare enough. Many nuances will determine your card's value: player, year, condition, and rarity. 

RCA Victor radios

The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) was a pioneer in the radio industry. The designs are similar to that of the art-deco clocks from earlier on the list. They feature wood, metal, and high-quality plastic. The ones from the 1930s and the 1940s can sell for as much as $ 4,000. 

Royal typewriters

Any typewriter won't do. If you're looking to make money on a typewriter, it has to be of a certain model and color. The Quiet De Luxe model by Royal Typewriter company is a typewriter machine that can sell for up to $ 375, for its quiet typing experience. But the common black ones won't sell for much. If you're looking for the jackpot, you'll find it in the colorful ones, such as the turquoise model or the even rarer pink one. 

VHS tapes

We've finally lived long enough for VHS tapes to become a collectible! How fast the time flies, right? It seems like not that long ago, they were introduced to the market. Unexpectedly, it is the unpopular movies that cost the most. Since many of them never made it to DVD, they are now extremely rare. Unpopular horror movies will yield you the most cash. Banned movies are also considered rare and profitable, reaching prices as high as $ 50,000. 

Yo-yo quilts

We think these quilts should sell for a high price not only because they're valuable antiques, but also because making them is a Sisyphean handicraft! Yo-yo quilts were most popular in the 1930s, and if you happen to have one lying around in a box in the attic, you can part with it for as much as $ 275. 
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