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10 Works of Paper Artist Pippa Dyrlaga

 What do you do with paper? Some of us rarely use it. Some of us use it for disposable reminder notes and grocery lists. The old-fashioned among us use it also for a productive to-do list, instead of crossing out their tasks on their phone screen. But for paper artists like Pippa Dyrlaga, a sheet of paper is an abundant treasure, holding immense potential. 
For more of her works, check out her platforms: Website | Instagram | Facebook
The Yorkshire-based artist grew up spending her childhood years on a boat on the rural British waterways. The natural flora and fauna of the area were the cradle of all her inspiration, to this very day. She started creating her works in 2010.
Her process starts with drawing a general sketch of her design. She then cuts out the design, adding details as she goes. She likes being surprised by the outcome, carving out the smallest details spontaneously. 
What's most captivating about Dyrlaga's works is their quiet nature. She uses simple mediums and traditional techniques to produce contemporary works.
For her, the paper holds the potential to be a means of communication. She is fascinated with the possibility to turn something as simple as a sheet of paper into something as magical and meaningful as a paper-cutout piece.
H/T: Colossal.
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