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The World Is a Wondrous Place - 16 Jaw-Dropping Pictures

 These photos will prove to you that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. From a jaw-dropping sculpture in the middle of the sea to a mysterious underwater creature, this collection of photos showcases 16 wondrous natural phenomena, curious occasions, and human achievements. Random they may be, but these photos will fascinate you!

1. The queue to the summit of Mt. Everest

Jaw-Dropping Pictures queue to the summit of Mt. Everest
Image Source: Izismile

2. A closeup picture of kidney stones under a microscope

Jaw-Dropping Pictures kidney stones
Image Source: Izismile

3. A rare photo of the surface of Venus taken by the Venera 13 probe. The USSR sent the probe in the 1980s, and it had succumbed to the planet's harsh environment after just 127 minutes.

Jaw-Dropping Pictures Venera 13 photo of Venus
Image Source: Izismile

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4. This amazing statue of Neptune (Poseidon) is on the Melenara beach on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain.

Jaw-Dropping Pictures Neptuno de Melenara
Image Source: Izismile

5. This strange-looking sea creature is an olm. This cave-dwelling aquatic salamander is from Europe. Olms have no eyes, and they can live as long as 100 years without moving.

Jaw-Dropping Pictures olm
Image Source: Reddit

6. The extermination of the first nest of the Asian giant hornet in the United States. If several giant hornets were to bite a human, it could be deadly.

Jaw-Dropping Pictures Asian giant hornet next eradication

Image Source: Izismile


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7. This Dutch Supermarket Chain opened a slower ‘Chat Checkout’ as a way to combat loneliness among elderly folks.

Jaw-Dropping Pictures  ‘Chat Checkout’
Image Source: Izismile

8. A pencil shop in Tehran, Iran

Jaw-Dropping Pictures pencil shop in Tehran, Iran
Image Source: Izismile

9. Stephen King was caught reading a book at a Red Sox game.

Jaw-Dropping Pictures Stephen King reading during Red Sox game
Image Source: Izismile

10. The Octagon complex is the new headquarters of the Egyptian army. It's the world's largest military building, taking up 50,500,000 square feet (4.7 square km).

Jaw-Dropping Pictures Octagon army base
Image Source: Izismile

11. A portrait of Abraham Lincoln if he were president today

Jaw-Dropping Pictures Abraham Lincoln
Image Source: Izismile

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12. A colorless ladybug is beige.

Jaw-Dropping Pictures colorless ladybug
Image Source: Izismile

13. This is the world's largest mailbox. Located in Casey, Illinois, the massive mailbox is 32 feet tall (almost 10 m).

Jaw-Dropping Pictures the world's largest mailbox
Image Source: Reddit

14. Here's what a loofah sponge looks like before and after being peeled.

Jaw-Dropping Pictures loofah
Image Source: Izismile

15. Did you know that the paper of US dollar banknotes is slightly color-coded?

Jaw-Dropping Pictures US dollar banknotes
Image Source: Izismile

16. The size comparison of a wolf and a husky. Wolves are nearly three times bigger than husky dogs.

Jaw-Dropping Pictures wolf and husky
Image Source: Reddit
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