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a Collection of the Coolest Vintage Photographs

 Sometimes the younger members of the family don't understand what you mean when you say life used to be simpler. We gathered for you a collection of people showing off their cool grandparents. You can use this as a source of nostalgia or as solid proof that life really used to be much cooler than it is today!

My grandfather the day before he shipped out with the Marines, 1941.

My great-grandfather was a Chief, 1970.

My grandmother modeling for Volvo, 1959.

My great grandfather gave Einstein violin lessons.

Bodybuilder grandpa, circa 1950. 

My grandmother (left) kissing Louis Armstrong.

Мy grandmother in 1978.

My grandfather after winning 1st place in the beard contest in 1954. The hat was his prize.

My grandmother was a pilot during WW2, 1944.

My great-grandfather was the lead engineer
on the New York World Trade Center project, 1960s.

My great-grandfather showing off
one of the horses he trained for World War 1, 1922.

My grandfather played for the Blackhawks, 1935.

My grandfather punching Muhammad Ali.

H/T: BrightSide
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