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Everyday Objects Like You've Never Seen Them Before

 We have gathered a collection of 13 astonishing photos. They will show you that, no matter how experienced you are, you still haven't seen it all. These are photos of extreme conditions, rare genetic mutations, moments before a big event, and the unseen sides of ordinary things. They will answer questions you may have had about life, like, "What does a tiger's skin look like?" and make you ask different questions, such as, "If that's what salt looks like under the microscope, then what would pepper look like?" Take a peek at the parallel world shown in these photos, and head over here for a second serving of amazing natural phenomena.

1. All the bacteria on an 8-year-old's hand

2. The largest amethyst geode in the world weighs 28,660 lbs (12,999 kg) and is 9'10'' (3 m) long, 5'10'' (1.7 m) wide, and 7'2'' (2.1 m) high.

3. A heart that was drained of blood before a transplant

4. A virus under an electron microscope

5. Tigers have stripes on their skin too

6. A dinosaur's footprint! 

7. This frog's skin is transparent enough to see all internal organs

8. Could you guess that this is an albino raccoon?

9. This is what salt looks like under an electron microscope

10. A globe for blind people

11. The surface of a strawberry

12. Aurora on different planets 

13. This starfish was born square due to a genetic mutation

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