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See Extinct & Living Insects Like Never Before - 17 Photos

 We are about to show you the most accurate and realistic metal replicas of insects and arthropods you will ever see. Some of these animals can be found in the world today, while others have vanished millions of years ago. In both cases, the placement of each antenna, every leg, and all gills has been meticulously researched and taken from real specimens.
As you can imagine, it takes a detail-oriented and analytical mind to create artworks as mind-blowing as these. Dr. Allan Drummond is the master behind these stunning works of art. He works as the Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at The University of Chicago by day, but in his pastime, Dr. Drummond uses his knowledge in biology and 3D printing to create exact replicas of insects and arthropods.

1. Thorn

Metal Animals Sculptures by Dr. Allan Drummond Thorn

2. Farm to Table

Each specimen is the marriage of science, art, and technology. The first step in Dr. Drummond’s creative process is creating a digital rendering of the animal using pictures and real specimens from museums and private collections. The rendering is then tested on wax and then finally 3D-printed in bronze or silver, and polished by hand.
Scroll down to view these stunning sculptures, and visit Dr. Drummond’s Instagram Page to see the entire creative process behind each piece.

3. Semibalanus

4. Semibalanus (closeup view)

5. Various sculptures

6. A selection of trilobites

7. Praying Mantis (Mantis religiosa)

8. Praying Mantis (Mantis religiosa), closeup view

9. Naphrys

10. Naphrys (bottom view)

11. Trilobite (Ceraurus)

12. Trilobite (Ceraurus), bottom view

13. Thorn (bottom view)

14. Sphinx Moths (Hyles Lineata)

15. Bellacartwrightia

16. Proudhopper (Dictyopharidae)

17. Proudhopper (Dictyopharidae), bottom view

Metal Animals Sculptures by Dr. Allan Drummond Proudhopper (Dictyopharidae)
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