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When Art Meets Nature, Beauty Is Born - Leaf Art by Kanat Nurtazin

 Traditional cutout art utilizes paper to create intricate pictures that tell stories and please the eye. Carefully and precisely, the artist uses sharp tools to create imagery with each stroke. Kanat Nurtazin, an artist from Kazakhstan, follows precisely those steps, but he uses quite an unconventional material in place of the customary paper. Nurtazin’s canvas is deeply rooted in nature, as the artist uses leaves of various shapes and sizes to “paint” detailed and beautiful illustrations of people, animals, and fictional characters.
In addition to that, the artist also makes a point of juxtaposing the beautiful leaf cutouts with beautiful natural backgrounds, such as the naturally-pink waters of Lake Kobeituz that can be seen in two of the images below. As the artist shared in an interview with My Modern Met, “I like to cut detailed drawings on the leaf and take a picture of it on a beautiful background mixing handmade art and photography.” And we must say, the effect of this combination of meaningful and beautiful art with natural elements is truly jaw-dropping!
Follow the artist's career more closely and see more of his works on his Instagram Page.
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