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Photos of Long Cats that Seem Made of Toffee

  Cats are one of our favorite animals and pets, especially since they fit in our laps. Well, some of them do. Some of them are so long you'd think they were made of rubber or toffee. So, even though size doesn't matter, sometimes it can be hilarious!
Just me and my kitty
flexible cats: cat hugging boy
It's so good to relax after a long, 'hard' day...
flexible cats: cat sitting on a sofa
That friend on your hands looks a bit heavy...
flexible cats: holding a long cat
Seems like an extra-long day for an extra-long cat
flexible cats: cat lies on the floor
This little cutie is trying to scare someone
flexible cats: woman holding a long cat who is holding up its paws
Can't complain...
flexible cats: long cat on the floor
He really likes the Salvador Dali clocks...
flexible cats: cat flowing from sofa to floor
The tongue does add a few inches
flexible cats: man holding cat on its hind legs while the cat has its tongue out
Can this furry friend be made of rubber?
flexible cats: cat in 90 degrees
Will he grow any more? What did the vet say?
flexible cats: long furry cat
David and Goliath, you decided who is who
flexible cats: woman holding large ginger cat

This cutie is like a string

flexible cats: man holding long cat
One advantage of being long...
flexible cats: cat on its hind legs looking over a fence
Never skip a good stretch
flexible cats: folded cat with legs outstretched

Image source: successlifelounge.com

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