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Choose a Tree and We'll Tell You What it Says...

 Trees, above all else, are a sign of growth, nature, and life itself. They grow with endless patience, over hundreds, sometimes thousands of years, their shape is slowly and they have no rush, just like our personality. Our neurons and brain are much like branches and trees, growing and expanding, splitting and then splitting again. Choose here the tree that most attracts you, and click on it to see what it may have to say about you. Just click the tree of your choice and then scroll down to see what your result is.



You are an ethical and generous person

You have a strong drive to be the best, your ambitions and standards are high, and people may mistake you for being rough, though the truth is you are roughest on yourselves.

You're not afraid of hard work and you're rarely selfish. You work hard because you want to make your world, or your family's world, a better place. You give all you have but are seldom appreciated for it.


You are a fascinating and reliable person

You are a responsible person who enjoys taking care of and supporting others. You have a truly good character and believe in honesty, commitment and the power of these things to make the world a better place.

Other people can rely on you whenever they need support, and of course, they like to be around you because you are also brilliant, wise and unconventional.


You are a smart, introspective person

You are brilliant and independent. Your ideas are very important to you, especially if they come from within, and you need some time alone to develop those ideas.

You find it easy to get along with people who like to think and learn. You hate shallowness and you spend quite a bit of time thinking about morals. You attempt to do the right thing, even when the people close to you don't agree with it.


You are a remarkably perceptive person


Sometimes you need to be left alone so you can ponder and think because your creativity needs space and air to develop. You see the levity in life even during the hard times, and you are connected to your feelings in a way most of us would envy.


You are a dominant, confident person

You are very independent, you like to do things without help and you trust yourself to get things done. You know how to be strong for yourselves and for others, which works perfectly with your need to protect those nearest to you.

Sometimes you can be opinionated, you are unashamed of that. You know what you want and you're not afraid to get it. The only thing you demand of others is that they be straight with you because you are ready to hear the truth, as painful as it may be.


You are a courteous, sensitive person

You are naturally social and open people, which makes it easy for you to connect with others. You are warm and loving, and you have many friends you like to help improve their lives.

You tend to put a lot of thought into self-improvement and how to become better than you are today. You desire to be interesting, opinionated and special people. You need love more than most people but are willing to give without limit in return, even to those that do not give it back quite the same.


You are a happy and peaceful person

You are considerate and understanding people who know how to listen to others without judging them. You believe each person has their own path in life and you tend to be more understanding of other peoples' worst moments.

You're not easily worried and are usually cool and collected. You aren't too social and prefer quiet, but you do know how to enjoy things - your own way.


You are a charming and energetic person

You have a highly developed sense of humor, which makes you merry and funny people. It's hard not to fall for such a person, and indeed the people around you are a bit in love with you. You are spontaneous and always looking for new adventures.

Sometimes you surprise those around you and even shock them, but you can't help it because that's your nature. You are incredibly curious and have many interests. If something catches your eye, you will investigate it thoroughly...


You are an optimistic person who knows how to enjoy life /strong

You feel like life is a gift and that you must take advantage of everything it offers you. You feel blessed for all you've experienced and achieved so far, and enjoy sharing that blessing with your loved one.

You have a healthy outlook on life and you tend to see the glass half full. You take every opportunity to forgive, learn and grow because you know life is too short to do anything else.


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