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13 Little-Known Places Great For Your Wanderlust

 Are you a wanderer? Do you have this constant urge to explore unknown and beautiful landscapes to unwind? A lot of us share that wanderlust. Journeying to some relatively lesser-known destination can be quite reinvigorating. Now that we have entered a new year it would be the right time to let the explorer in you find its path. Here is a list of some little-known yet breathtaking locations you simply must travel to.
1. Ascend the fascinating inverted tower in Quinta de Regaleira, Portugal.
Lugares desconhecidos Quinta da Regaleira, Portugal
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
2.  Marvel at the Northern Lights in the North Pole, Alaska.Lugares desconhecidos - Polo Norte, aurora boreal
3. Take a dip in the mystic river at Surigao del Sur, Philippines.Lugares desconhecidos Surigao del Sur, Filipinas.
4. Climb the Haiku Stairs to witness some breathtaking sights in Oahu, Hawaii.​Lugares desconhecidos Haiku Stairs em Oahu, Havai.​
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
5.  Take a tour of the charming Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata, New Zealand.Lugares desconhecidos cidade dos Hobbits, Matamata, Nova Zelândia
6. Walk around the fascinating Montreal Botanical Garden, Canada.Lugares desconhecidos Jardim Botânico de Montreal, Canadá.
7. Gape at the marvelous structure of Las Lajas Sanctuary in Ipiales, Colombia.Lugares desconhecidos Santuário Las Lajas em Ipiales, Colômbia
8. Go fishing in Manitou Island, Michigan.​Lugares desconhecidos Manitou Island, Michigan.​
9. Take a view of some stunning sceneries from Mount Sanqing, China.​Lugares desconhecidos Monte Sanqing, China.​
10. Camp at the peaceful Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh, Himalayas​ and soak in the serene sights.Lugares desconhecidos Lago Pangong Tso em Ladakh, Himalaias​.
11. Unwind at this beautiful and small oasis (with less than 100 residents) in Huacachina, Peru.Lugares desconhecidos  Huacachina, Peru
12. Wonder at the ethereal beauty of the monastery of Santa Maria dell’ Isola in Tropea, Italy.Lugares desconhecidos Santa Maria dell’Isola em Tropea, Itália
13. Chill out at one of the gorgeous farmhouses in Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama, Japan.​Lugares desconhecidos Shirakawa-gō e Gokayama, Japão
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