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The Most Exclusive and Extraordinary Hotels in the World

 There are hotels, and then there are these unique works of art that offer the most exclusive and one-of-a-kind experience, like an underwater hotel, a floating luxury hotel, or a hotel made completely out of ice. Take a peek at these exceptional creations, as well as a multitude of other spectacular hotels, Airbnbs, and other lodgings accessible for visitors in different corners of our planet.
Most people book winter vacations at famous hotels or ski resorts each year. You might want to reconsider your traveling arrangements and try something a bit different after seeing what these incredible ice hotels from various places around the world have to offer.
Airbnb has given us the power to book accommodation in apartments around the world and it’s not only trendy city pads that you can find but gorgeous spots in the globe with jaw-dropping views. Prepare to be bowled over by photos of some of the more unique rooms.
When I think of castles, I think of gallant knights, beautiful princesses, grandeur and untold wealth. I also imagine what it would have been like to live in one. Getting a glimpse into life from a time gone by is possible thanks to these 12 beautiful castle hotels.
Hotels can be much more than just a place to sleep, take a shower and change your clothes! Here are 18 unique and splendid hotels from around the globe. It's hard to believe that these hotels actually exist.
These 15 hotels are more than a little different - they are found in some of the world's most spectacular exotic locations. If you ever get the chance to check into any of these beautiful hotels, let us know what they were like. That is if you could ever bring yourself to leave these all-weather paradises on Earth.

Stunning Underwater 5-Star Hotel

Imagine spending a night at a beautiful hotel, overlooking the vast ocean beneath you. Now imagine you could penetrate the waves with your eyes, see the amazing underwater world, the colorful fish and the glow of the sun through the water.
The majority of us think of a hotel as simply a place to sleep, shower, and change your clothes. Spending your vacation in one of the following hotels is all but guaranteed to be an adventure you’ll never forget. Warning! After seeing these 10 unique hotels, you’ll want to visit straight away.
The oldest hotel in the world, which is located in Japan and used to welcome weary samurai, has been in operation for over 1,300 years. Here are the 20 oldest hotels in the world, listed in chronological order.
It's a must for the world's finest hotels to make a big statement, and many of them choose to do so with impressive entryways to make guests' jaws drop and leave a first impression on them that they'll never forget. Here are the 12 most incredible hotel entrances in the world.
Although many of us dream of the perfect vacation with our feet still planted firmly on the ground, there are some of us who would prefer to take to the water. Luckily for such discerning individuals, there are numerous amazing floating hotels to satisfy their wanderlust. Here are 10 of them.
Designed to cater to the very rich, most of us will never get to become a guest at one of these pampering, castle-like hotels, but if you ever do get to one of these countries and feel like staying somewhere unforgettable - these will probably do.
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