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Why a Silk Pillowcase is Best For Your Skin and Health

We sleep a third of our lives. That means that for a third of each day, we have our face buried in our pillow. We all know that a pillowcase must be washed regularly so it doesn't get full of bacteria that damage your face. But is that enough? Actually NO, it's not.

Pillowcases get filled up with dead skin cells, saliva and sweat we excrete while we sleep. Sure we can spend our waking moments taking care of our skin and our hair, but it's incredible that after all that work - we then sleep for hours on end on a pillow that ages us, causes friction that breaks our hair strands (especially if you have thin, brittle hair,) dries our skin and is usually filled with bacteria that thrive on the 1.5 grams of skin we shed each night.

old dirty pillow

Pillowcases can have thousands of times more bacteria than the filthiest places in your home

Pillowcases often wake us up more than we know, by being too hot or too coarse against our tender skin. How many times have you woken up because your pillow was too hot? In addition, studies have shown that regular pillowcases hold as much bacteria as a toilet seat, and large amounts of dust mite droppings we push against our skin!

The solution? We believe it's top-of-the-line silk pillowcases, especially those made of the highest grade of silk. These specialized silk pillowcases actually smooth your face while you sleep, as well as contribute to a relaxed, cool sleep. These are pillowcases where dust mites CANNOT live, that do not cause wrinkles in your face and that stay cool almost indefinitely.

This is one of the best kept secrets by stylists, actors and models - a TRUE beauty sleep that doesn't damage your face but actually smooths it, protects your hair and prevents dust mites from inhabiting your face. The best one we know of is the Blissy Pillowcase. 

blissy pillowcase

The Blissy Pillowcase is made for all ages, it is a hypoallergenic pillowcase that protects your skin, your face from lines and bacteria, and your hair from breaking. It also helps you achieve a relaxed and cool sleep for longer hours without interruption. It's not just another silk pillowcase but is made of 100% Pure Mulberry 22-Momme Silk - the highest quality of smooth silk available.

We asked one of our team members here to try this pillowcase herself for a week to see what she thought. Here are her words:

"I was surprised how sturdy this silk felt. It's cool and light and yet the material felt like it was really strong. It took a night or two to get used to it but now I'm dreading going back to my old pillowcase. When I wake up, my hair looks almost like it did when I went to sleep. It's straight and almost looks like I combed it! The pillow feels cool, I don't remember waking up in the middle night, which I sometimes do. It's so smooth, I just wanted to keep rubbing my face on it."

woman on blissy pillowcase

This pillowcase keeps the moisture in, so your skin doesn't dry out and wrinkle, it's smooth for that exact reason as well - not creating lines on your face you didn't want there, thus it has an anti-aging effect as well. It's hypoallergenic so you can say goodbye to nightly allergies. It doesn't cause friction to the face, and most importantly - it's anti-bacterial - meaning bacteria and dust mites will not be inhabiting your face every night!

The difference in bacteria between regular and a antibacterial pillowcase

If you care about your skin, your hair, your sleep (which in turn affects your overall health) and your face being clean of dust mites, being smooth of lines and a long and a refreshing sleep -  we strongly recommend not leaving it just to your waking hours, but making sure you don't ruin all that effort every night by sleeping on the wrong pillowcase. Get yourself and your family the best pillowcase that protects you all night long - you deserve it.

Learn more about these anti-aging pillowcases here


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