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Everything You Wanted to Know About Wine

 Wine is not just a drink - it’s a lifestyle, a look into history, a gastronomic adventure, a study into farming, and a fantastic way to explore different cultures. But with so many different angles to approach wine, where do you begin? Thankfully, there are only a few basic techniques to learn, as well as a little common knowledge of wines. With just a little practice, you’ll be over the hump of a rudimentary wine “amateur,” and move on to becoming a connoisseur who can order with the best of them. This collection will expose you to some of our best information about wine, including a full guide for beginners, the best wine/food combinations and everything in between.

Wine tips: beautiful view with wine

20 of the World's Finest Wine Regions

It’s amazing how today we can sip the most luxurious of fine wines from all over the world, without even leaving our local town. These wonderful bottles of refined pleasure come from some fascinating, rustic vineyards. Without further ado, here are probably the 20 most important wine-growing regions on the planet. Wouldn’t you just love to travel to these amazing places and taste the greatest wines!?

Wine Guide: Wine region

The Beginner's Guide to Wine

Wine is not just a drink - it’s a lifestyle, a look into history, a gastronomic adventure, a study into farming, and a fantastic way to explore different cultures. But with so many different angles to approach wine, where do you begin? The "wine for beginners" infographic below has all the answers to your questions. It’ll teach you all about the different wine styles, wine glasses, and tips on tasting wine like a wine connoisseur.

Wine guide: red and white wine

All You Need to Know About the World's Core Wines

Do you enjoy wine, but want to become more knowledgeable about it? If you do, then this is the perfect place to start. The first piece of wisdom to gain about wine is to know that there are 16 core varieties that are ubiquitous throughout the world and can be found for sale almost anywhere. Here is the low-down on core wines.

wine guide: pouring wine

6 Best Wine-Food Combinations

When deciding what wine-food combinations work well, focus on bringing out the best characteristics of the wine. Generally speaking, a dry white wine ordered alongside fish is heavenly, but this wine combination is not as palatable when ordered alongside red meat. Another combination you'll likely want to avoid is pairing a bitter wine, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, with bitter foods, as doing so will multiply the bitterness! While making your choice, bear in mind, that wine should have a higher acidity than the food you ordered, otherwise its taste would be sapless. 

wine guide: bottles of wine

The Guide to Pairing Cheese and Wine

How do you pair cheese with the wine that best suits it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Simply follow our simple guide, understand the logical underpinnings behind each pairing and then you can improvise and make your own pairings.

wine guide: wine and cheese

How to Purchase Good Wine & Serve It Correctly

Good wines do not necessarily need to come with a steep price tag or a super fancy label. Neither are they exclusive to a specific part of the world. If you find the world of wine a little bit too overwhelming at times, then worry no more, since below you'll find a full guide to buying the perfect wine for you, as well as how to store and serve it correctly.

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Health Benefits of Red Wine vs White Wine

The long history and tradition of drinking wine together with the extensive culture that has developed around this delicious beverage place it at the top of the respected list of the oldest, favorite and most popular drinks in the world. Although every wine lover has his favorite type, red or white, many still ask themselves: Beyond the tastes, what are the differences between these two types? And another equally important question arises: Which type of wine is healthier?

wine guide: red and white bottles of wine

Have You Tried BLUE Wine Yet?

Everyone knows that red wine is best suited to be enjoyed with red meat, whereas white wine is best suited to be enjoyed with white meat. Rose wine goes well with spicy food or desserts, but have you ever thought about what blue wine would go with?

wine guide: blue wine

The Truth About Cheap and Expensive Wines

Wine-tasting events are pretty much a mystery to anyone apart from the wine experts themselves, and this little experiment and investigation show that it might even be a mystery to the wine experts themselves. Does price have to do anything with how tasty a bottle of wine really is? Find out in this video, we were surprised to hear the answer.

wine guide: wine bottle prices

Here's What You Can Do With Empty Wine Bottles 

Over the years, I've collected a number of empty wine bottles, which I've stored away in my garage. When I finally got around to clearing out my garage a couple of weekends ago, I kept them and decided that I would use them for some DIY projects over the next couple of months. Below are some of the ideas that I have in mind. 

wine guide: decorative wine bottles

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