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20 Perfectly Timed Pictures That are Brilliant and Funny

We’re back, with another incredible installment of the “right place at the right time”. The world is filled with millions and billions of makeshift photographers with high-pixel cameras on their phones and this is the result of it all. A picture caught in just the nick of time can capture far more than any of us could have dreamed and leave you amused, bemused, and maybe even a little sympathetic towards some of these people, who may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time! Some pictures can even take your breath away.


1. The Real Purpose of the Statue of Liberties Torch

Perfectly-Timed Photos, lightning striking the torch and top of the statue of liberty

(Big Picture


2. The incredible basketball that caused a solar eclipse!

Perfectly-timed photographs, people playing basketball, with the basketball covering the sun forming an eclipse

(Reddit, u/MDPPatrick)


3. Give me a high five, my brother! 

Perfectly-timed photographs, scuba diver undrwater with a humpback whale with hands and fins outstretched



4. The Full Moon just as it moves over a volcanic eruption in Iceland

Perfectly-timed photographs, The Full Moon just as it moves over a volcanic eruption in Iceland

(Big Picture


5. It’s perfectly normal to marry a centaur where I come from. 

Perfectly-timed photographs, man in suit walking next to bride riding on horse, with dress covering upper half of horses body, showing a bride with horses legs



6. Rose… You have to let me go… No, Jack, I won’t! 

Perfectly-timed Photographs, two lizards, one falling and holding on to the other

(Reddit, u/splitsaga


7. The teleporter worked, Captain! We’ve reached planet Earth! 

Perfectly-Timed Photographs, plane going through cloud such that back half of the plane is not visible



8. Run out of mountain? Don’t worry, just step onto the moon!

Perfectly-Timed photographs, man with snowboard stepping of ledge of mountain with his foot over the outline of the moon

(Frode Sandbech


9. A little more to the left, guys. It should look big, but not too big! 

Perfectly-Timed Photograph, crane hovering over outline of the moon in the distance



10. This is what the real King Kong looked like

Perfectly-timed Photographs, monkey climbing on windshield of a car, such that it looks large in comparison to the car in front



11. Buddha doesn’t like airplanes in his personal space. 

Perfectly-timed-photographs, large statue of buddha with fingers placed over a passing airplane

(Reddit, u/Former_Manc)


12. Wrong time to look away, Mom

Perfectly-timed Photographs, mom sitting on swing looking away as child coming down the slide falls to the ground

(Reddit, u/JukeboxSommelier)


13. What an unfortunate placement of his fingers

Perfectly-Timed photographs, two basketball players attempting to land a shot, with one player's fingers in the nose of the other player



14. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Starbucks

Perfectly-timed Photographs, truck of Starbucks with open sliding doors spelling out the word 'sucks'

(Reddit, u/heuristicus)


15. What do you see in there? 

Perfectly-timed Photograph, picture of Obama on stage with a large light in the background that appears to be in his hand

(Carolyn Kastern, theatlantic.com


16. Always keep your eyes ahead. 

Perfectly-timed photographs, man standing for a photograph as a bicyclist in the background crashed into a pole



17. Lightning strikes the Center building in Hong Kong on one stormy night.

Perfectly-timed Photographs, Lightning strikes the Center building in Hong Kong on one stormy night 

(Big Picture


18. I’ve always wanted a super dog! 

Perfectly-timed photographs, two dogs sit beside a barebuce grill with fire on the grill appearing as if fire is coming for one of the dog's mouths



19. I see a whale playing with a dolphin. What do you see? 

Perfectly-timed Photographs, insects flying together in the sky forming the shape of a dolphin

(Reddit, u/hmistry


20. That perfect moment when a lighter bursts into flaming glory. 

Perfectly-timed Photographs, picture of a lighter as it is being lit and the flames first arise

(Reddit, u/Sumit316)  

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