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The Best DIY Crafts and Treats for Halloween

 You still have a few days before Halloween, so why not challenge yourself to get out of the box this year and experiment with some creative and festive treats and Halloween-themed decorations? If you’re in the mood for some last-minute Halloween craftsmanship, we have just the thing you need -- a whole playlist of ingenious DIY ideas that will make your Halloween that much better and spookier!


Who doesn't love cupcakes? These 9 pull-apart cupcake ideas aren't just delicious, as all cupcakes are, but they're also Halloween-appropriate, featuring cool spooky designs of varying difficulty so that everyone could make one of these.
This video shows how to do a whopping 33 Halloween-themed crafts. Surely, you'll find at least one you like among them. Bonus points for this video for focusing on inexpensive crafts and things you already have at home that won't break the bank.
Fall is not fall without pie, even when it's Halloween, and this mummy cherry pie is just plain cute, and it will become the centerpiece of any festive table, guaranteed! If you love cherry pie as much as we do, give this adorably spooky mummy pie a go.
It doesn't matter if you are planning a Halloween party, going to a Halloween party or simply want to surprise the trick-or-treaters with something cooler than a fun-size chocolate bar, these treats are just what you're after!
Even the tiny ones need some Halloween spirit and deserve to participate in the festive preparations. Here are 10 ideas of Halloween decorations that even toddlers and kindergartners can do.   
Haven't found anything that caught your eye in the DIY videos above? No worries, this video features 19 more crafts and treats, including homemade eyeball soaps and spider bath bombs that will make a very cool gift!
If you're looking for Halloween decorations that are more on the classier and creative side, but ones that will take a bit more time and effort, you'll love this video. Our favorite is the spooky, yet very colorful cup with candy seen in the photo to the right, so pretty!
If cute spookiness won't cut it for you and you're looking for truly creepy food ideas for Halloween, then you'll surely find something suitable for your Halloween dinner among these 5 terrifying foods and drinks.
These 10 Halloween decorations are so easy to make, but they will all leave a lasting impression on your guests, as they look pretty cool! The best thing is, you can invite the whole family to participate in creating one of these.
These desserts, dips, and appetizers are quite easy to make and equally as spooky as they are tasty! Most of them won't cut it as takeaway treats, but they will complement your dinner table this All Hallow's Eve like no other.
This video features all kinds of fun Halloween-related DIY hacks, including last-minute costume ideas, foods, decorations and even shows how to sew cute candy-themed gift bags perfect for trick-or-treaters if you're up to a bit more craftsmanship.
Don't feel like investing a lot of time and effort into Halloween preparations? Or maybe, you simply don't have much time left, but still want to surprise the kids with something cute and creative? If this is about you, you'll sure to find the perfect match for you in this video.
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