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14 Travel Articles Showcasing the Incredible Beauty of Historical Europe

 The authenticity of European tourist destinations simply cannot be beaten. The numerous ancient castles, the countless historical cities, and the many-a-cozy seaside town coexist in abundance and variety, all pretty much next door to each other. Discover this huge collection of articles dedicated to the beauty of historical architecture and unique places throughout Europe. To spice things up, we diversified the iconic sights with some you might not know exist. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with one of these places so much it will end up being the next travel destination for you.
Cordoba is an ancient city in the south of Spain, the former Moorish capital. It's a virtual maze of winding streets, modern and antique merchandise, dotted by colorful coffee shops, which, at night, move to the spontaneous beat of flamenco dancing. Here visitors can find the Calleja de las Flores, the street of flowers!
Is there a city more legendary, more representative of artists' and engineers' dreams than Venice? It's a city replete with endless canals, singing gondoliers, elegant bridges, buildings, churches and cathedrals, built with incredible patience and skill. Each painstakingly-built part of this city is a work of art unto itself.
Spain is a wonderful country to visit, with the cities that see the most tourism being Madrid and Barcelona. But if you want to discover authentic Spain, with its diversity and rich historical origins, and at the same time enjoy a vibrant, joyous and surprising urban atmosphere, forget these two big cities for a moment and explore the beautiful capital of Andalusia - Seville - the fourth largest city in the country.
In Germany there are quite a few large and famous cities, such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and more, but none of these respectable cities can steal the crown and title of "the first city in the country" from the small, picturesque, and charming town, which sits in western Germany, called Trier.
The city of Siena, in the province of Tuscany, was founded by the Etruscans, who lived in the present-day region of Italy before the rise of the Roman Empire. Despite its ancient roots, Siena certainly adopted the beauty and splendor of medieval Italy. The stunning Tuscan city is a magnet for travelers who want to absorb culture and history, and here are 12 wonderful sites to see if you’re planning to visit soon.
Each city I’ve ever been to has its own vibe, but the coziest of them all is definitely Budapest. It’s not crowded and very compact. It is by far the best city to explore and truly enjoy with a loved one or the whole family, without sacrificing the feeling of comfort and tranquility. There are a variety of places you can see and things you can do, from ancient castles to food markets and everything in between.
If you want to take a short, peaceful, but eventful break, there’s no better place to visit than Dubrovnik, Croatia. Situated on the Adriatic sea, it is truly a unique destination because it is one of the most well-preserved medieval cities in the world. In the past, it was a powerful city-state and a major port, the proof of which are the tall stone walls surrounding the old city.
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