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Interesting Facts about the American Population

 Statistics have the reputation of being really boring, but we must disagree with that sentiment. In fact, if you package statistical information right, in an instant, they can become fascinating, fun and super useful, as proven by these maps. What do you think, which U.S. state is the healthiest? Now, which is the most religious one, or the cheapest one to live in?
Learn these and many other useful and fun facts about the population in each state with the help of these handy maps.

1. Wow, who knew there are so many German speakers in the US? And some of these other popular languages we can't even pronounce...

U.S. statistics maps languages

2. Which states are at the top in terms of well being?

U.S. statistics maps well being

3. The Liams and Olivias overwhelm the entire U.S. territory

U.S. statistics maps names

4. I had no idea people in the same amount of states self-identify as being of English descent as Italian

U.S. statistics maps ancestry

5. This one's pretty difficult to unpack, but very interesting

U.S. statistics maps births vs deaths

6. The majority of the states are pretty religious

U.S. statistics maps religiousness

7. As expected, life in major cities is the most expensive

U.S. statistics maps cost of living

8. The majority of American families have 2 kids

U.S. statistics maps kids

9. Which other nationalities live and work in different states?

U.S. statistics maps country of birth

10. Luckily, the proportion of men and women is around 50/50 in each state

U.S. statistics maps men and women

11. I had no idea that the minimum wage fluctuates so much from one state to another

U.S. statistics maps minimum wage

12. Here's how many people live in each area of the United States per square mile

U.S. statistics maps

13. The percentage of Americans who got a college education is quite high throughout the country

U.S. statistics maps college education

14. It's uncanny that forest and conservation workers in California get the lowest salary in the stateU.S. statistics maps highest salaries

15. I had a hunch that airline pilots are one of the most well-paid specialists, and it's true

U.S. statistics maps lowest salaries

16. Finally, the chart we've all been waiting for...U.S. statistics maps health

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