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8 Pressure Points For Self Defense

 While most of us would like to believe that we're going to experience a serene and peaceful existence, there are plenty of bad people in the world who can end using violence against us to get what they want. While it's horrible to think about, it's better to be safe than sorry, which is why we've gathered a list of pressure points that can be used to help you escape from any potential aggressors.


1. JawSelf Defense
Hitting the jaw with the back of your hand with enough force can cause an attacker to lose consciousness for a while. This is because such an impact will turn the head so sharply that it will end up shaking the brain.
2. Sciatic NerveSelf Defense
The sciatic nerve can be found on the midline of the inner thigh between the knee and the groin. Hitting this pressure point with enough force will cause dizziness, shock, a great deal of pain, and even possible temporary immobility of the foot.
3. BicepsSelf Defense
A blow to the biceps can inflict temporary paralysis of the arm, as well as extreme pain. Often, there is also an involuntary relaxation of the fingers, which may result in the attacker losing their grip.
4. GroinSelf Defense
The groin is an area that's full of sensitive nerves, and slightly above it, you will also find the bladder and genitals. A weak blow to this sensitive area will often result in a very severe reaction from the person on the receiving end. A heavy blow can actually even cause shock and rupture the bladder.
5. Brachial Plexus
Self Defense
Blows to the brachial plexus will cause a great deal of pain as well as a numb sensation in the hand. If the impact is hard enough, you could actually end up breaking the collarbone, causing a rupture of the nerves of the brachial plexus.
6. Tibialis Anterior MuscleSelf Defense
A heavy blow to this region may end up breaking it, leading to pain that may immobilize and nauseate anyone on the receiving end. If the fracture is very grievous, then blood vessels may become torn.
7. HandsSelf Defense
Human hands are brimming with sensitive nerve endings that you can use against your opponent. That's why pressing against the area between a person's fingers will cause them to loosen their grip and lose their composure.
8. EyesSelf Defense
Only ever use this one as a final resort, since a strong press to both eyes or a hard blow against at least one of them can cause a person to permanently go blind. However,  a light press to the eyes will be enough to make an attacker temporarily lose his sight, giving you ample time to get to safety.

Content & Image Source: brightside

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