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Strange Photos of Our Sky That Are Seemingly Unreal

 Mother Nature has bestowed the world with billions of different gifts, but out of all that she has given us, I really find that certain cloud formations often take my breath away far more than anything else! If you're not convinced, then you'd better take a look st the intricate cloud formations below, and I'm sure you'll change your mind!


1. Welcome to the land of fairy tales.Sky Pictures
2. The Skyway.Sky Pictures
3. The angel of smoke.Sky Pictures
4. Yes, rainbow clouds do exist.Sky Pictures
5. Say hello to Pegasus!Sky Pictures
6. The aliens have landed...Sky Pictures
7. So weird yet completely real...Sky Pictures
8. Here they are again...Sky Pictures
9. Watch out! Cloudzilla's on the prowl...Sky Pictures
10. Winnie the Pooh, what on earth are you doing in the sky?Sky Pictures
11. The sky's a little rough today...Sky Pictures
12. Behold, the fist of God!Sky Pictures


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