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20 Lies We Tell Our Friends and Family

 Let's just admit it... we all lie. Sometimes it's a big lie that involves deliberate deceit and planning - it's highly likely that you've called sick to work complete with a convincing cough and congestion. But more often than not, these are fibs that we tell others to avoid hurting their feelings, or to get on with our day, or even, to make our stories a little more interesting. 

We tweak the truth daily, so much so, that we may not even realize we're doing it. So, with this in mind, let's take a look at x of the most common things people lie about. Are there any on this list that you've told this morning?

telling lies

1. “I’m almost there”

Along with this lie, we often say things like "I'm five minutes away" or "I'm just around the block". Truth is, we know that we are not almost there and that we are likely half an hour away. 

2. “It must have gone to my SPAM folder”

You know that you received an email, and you may have likely opened and read it, but decided to deal with it later. But when the sender asked you about it, maybe days or weeks later, perhaps even copying your boss, you had to give some excuse for why you didn't do anything with it - best excuse - it went into my SPAM. 

3. “My phone died”

Two friends may have texted you suggesting two different plans, but you cannot make a decision about which you'd like to do. A convenient way to get out of making any choice at all? Ignore them both and send them this text the next morning. 

4. “Oh shoot, I forgot to do that”

Did your boss ask you to write up a proposal you know he'd end up ignoring? So, you decided to ignore the request yourself. But, when your boss did remember something that he asked you to do, you've got to act like it slipped out of your mind not that you deliberately ignored him.  

5. “It wasn’t that expensive”

You've likely told this lie to your partner before when they've asked you how much you spent on that new jacket or shoes. While you definitely couldn't afford them, that what your credit card is for, right? 

telling lies

6. “I don’t really watch TV”

If something is streaming on your computer or you're not watching your favorite series on a flat-screen, doesn't mean it's still not TV. More often than not, this is a lie that you tell yourself. You may think that just because you are choosing what to watch rather than letting a network decide for you, then it is not watching TV. But that's exactly what it is. 

7. “It’s so great to see you”
You haven’t seen this person for months and if it was up to you, it would be years more before you saw them again. But you bumped into them at a cocktail party and now have to act as if you’ve been trying hard to see them in that time. Admit it: It’s really not that great to see them.

8. “I read/watched that a while ago”

This is something you likely say to a friend when you know that you probably should have read that book or seen that movie by now, but you never got around to it. Unless you want to get that 'you haven't read or seen that yet?' reaction.

9. “I remember you”

While the person you were just introduced to seems to remember you, you seem to have no idea who they are. Of course, you are not going to admit it, so you smile and warmly recall meeting them before. 

10. “That makes sense”

If a friend has just told you that they want to move away, or some other kind of choice that to you seems illogical this is a convenient lie to tell them.

telling lies

11. “My phone’s been acting weird”

If you've used the excuse 'my phone died' one to many times, this lie is great for explaining away basically anything - an email you ignored, a voicemail you never answered, or a text you send and regret. Best thing to do - blame the phone!

12. “I’m good”

How often do you say this to someone whenever they ask, 'how are you?' 'I'm good' is the automatic response we give in almost every small-talk exchange, whether it's with co-workers or complete strangers. You may be feeling hung over, or perhaps you are fighting off the flu or having a horrible day, yet still, you will say, 'I'm good!'

13. “I’m fine”

Just like saying 'I'm good', this can be said in a similarly genial tone, however in a more passive-aggressive tone, as if to convey that you are not fine. This is usually said to your partner or someone at work who is annoying you. 

14. “It was my last one”

Could be a gum, a pack of cigarettes, some cash, while you know it's petty not to offer a little of what you've got to a friend or a stranger in need. However, for whatever reason, you just can't help yourself from being greedy, so you act like you've got none left and hope the person won't spot you grabbing another cigarette or gum in an hour. 

15. “I try to get to the gym about four times a week”

You may have gone twice this month and you consider that a near-record. But when someone asks you, you don't want to show just how slothful you are, and at the same time, you don't want to seem like you're lying by saying you're working out every day. So, instead, you split the difference with this lie.

telling lies

16. “I’ve got plans that day”

While your calendar may be wide open, you don't want to do what you were initially invited to. While you have the option of telling the truth and saying 'I don't want to do that,' instead, you act like you've got a packed schedule. 

17. “I’ve got an appointment”

This is something that you may use with work to leave early or to get in late. The thing with this one is using it more than once every few months unless you have an ongoing illness or disease. 

18. “I love it!”

Something we usually say around any gift-giving holiday. This is the lie you say when you get something you really hate, or you are not so keen on but you don't want to hurt the feelings of the giver. 

19. “That’s interesting”

Someone has just told you a story and you know that it is not interesting, or funny, neither is it surprising, exciting or any other adjective. But you need to say something, so you say, interesting. 

20. “I didn’t even see you there”

While you may have spotted that person the minute you walked in, you were hoping you could both pretend not to see each other. Unfortunately, the other person is not willing to play along, so you're going to have to speak to one another and pretend there is nothing you would rather be doing more. 

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