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15 Sculptures of Mothers and Children

 Is there any bond that's stronger than the one shared by a mother and her child? We certainly don't think so, and neither do any of these brilliant sculptors from around the world. Below, you'll find 15 different sculptures of mothers sharing heartwarming moments with their children, that are bound to make you stop and think about your own dear mom.
A Mother's Kiss
Beijing, China
A Mother's Joy
Beijing, China
Holding Hands
Salt Lake City, USA
A Tight Bond
Orchard Parade Hotel, Singapore
Mother Teresa and a Child
North Carolina, USA
A Mother's Support Is the Strongest
The Market Mother
Isselburg, Germany
A Mother's Devotion
São Paulo, Brazil
Children of the Earth
North Cape, Norway
Joy Ride
Hertfordshire, the United Kingdom
Special Moments Between Mother and Son
Washington DC, USA
Mother, Child and Angels
Washington DC, USA
The Royal Baby
Barcelona, Spain
The Seaman's Wife and Child
Odessa, Ukraine
The Strength of a Mother
Tuineje, Spain

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