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European Wildlife Photographer of the Year: 2017 Edition

 Year after year, the Society of German Nature Photographers (GDT) holds their ‘European Wildlife Photographer of the Year' competition. Each edition of this contest always proves to be better than the ones that came before it, and 2017 is certainly no exception. Below you'll find 20 of the most fascinating entries that are guaranteed to further reinforce your love for nature.
Snow Spat
Erlend Haarberg
David and Goliath
Bence Mate
The Hunt
Kalmer Lehepuu
Golden Stump Monkeys
Marsel van Oosten
Winter Still Life
Denis Budkov
The Spider's Home
Imre Potyo
Kristel Schneider
When the Ice Melts...
Heike Odermatt
Jarmo Manninen
Alvaro Herrero Lopez
The Lodgers
Jordi Benitez Castells
The Deer at the Cross
Horst Eberhoefer
Van Gogh's Butterfly
Adrian Falavera Payan
Miss Marble
Konrad Funk
The Greatness
Cristian Rota
The White-Throated Dipper
Simon Johnsen
The Blunthead Tree Snake
Brian Rasmussen
Andre Gilden
In the Shadows of Giants
Sarah Skinner
The Climber
Siegmar Bergfeld

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