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The Secrets Behind 8 Common Magic Tricks

 When watching a good magician in action, many great tricks seem to completely defy logic and the laws of nature. However, even the most complex of tricks has an underlying rational explanation. Below, we show you just how 8 popular magic tricks work. Just promise us not to call out all the magicians you meet as phonies - nobody likes a heckler!
1. Changing Coffee Into Cash
Originally one of David Blaine's signature tricks, this illusion went on to become one of the most popular illusions performed around the world. In order for this trick to be set up, the magician needs to cut a plastic cup in half and fill it with coins. He then needs to place this inside of a bigger cup that's filled with coffee, and which has a sponge and a small hole at the bottom of it. To perform the trick, all the magician needs to do is to push the smaller cup upwards by using his finger. The coffee will get absorbed by the sponge, the coins will be revealed, and the audience will be utterly amazed!
2. The Magical Sword
There's quite a simple explanation to this trick, which was once performed by James More on Britain's Got Talent. While it may look like the magician has been impaled on a sword, he actually has a special contraption hidden underneath his shirt. When he lies on the sword, it moves down into the base, while the contraption on his chest pushes a fake sword upwards.
3. Making Cards Appear Out of Thin Air
To be able to pull playing cards out of thin air, a magician needs to make use of a special card holder, which is attached to the back of his hand. Then, with a particularly dexterous motion, they are able to make the card 'magically' appear. Some highly professional magicians can even perform this trick without using a device, but this requires years of dedicated training to pull off flawlessly.
4. Swallowing Balloons
While this illusion makes it look like the magician is swallowing a long balloon whole, the secret is actually a number of tiny holes which are found at the top of the balloon. Once the balloon is in his mouth, the magician will put pressure on it using his tongue, thereby causing the balloon to deflate. He needs to hurry though since the balloon will naturally start to deflate if he leaves it too long!
5. Being Run Over by a Truck
This trick is entirely based on the natural laws of physics. Even though the magician is actually being run over by a moving truck, hidden weights in the back end of the vehicle allow its balance to be shifted in such a way that the lighter side easily rolls over the magician's body. This causes only a little discomfort, and absolutely no harm.
6. Cutting and Restoring a Rope
While it may appear that the magician is cutting a rope in half and then sticking it back together, in reality, the rope in question is never even cut at all. Instead, the magician hides a short piece of rope in his hand and cuts through that one instead. By then pulling the short rope upwards, using only sleight of hand, the magician will manage to create the illusion of it having been restored by means of magic.
7. Making Objects Levitate
To make objects appear to float in midair, magicians use ridiculously thin rubber bands and tiny pencils which are hidden up their sleeves. They then tie everything up in place and constantly keep the object in motion, so that the supporting bands are never witnessed by the audience.
8. Suspending Water in Midair
To make a glass of water appear to defy gravity, magicians make use of a special cup with a hole at one end. By placing a finger over that hole, they create a vacuum inside the glass, which keeps the water from escaping. This hole would usually be so small that even if an audience member tries to replicate the trick, they would be unsuccessful unless they know exactly where it's located.
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