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Improve Your Closet Space

 Do you feel like screaming every time you open your closet door? If so, you're not alone, as few things tend to get messy as quickly as a closet does. While commercial closet systems may seem like the perfect answer, their steep price tags and disruptive installation processes often make them an impractical solution. Instead, you should try out some of these 7 tips, that'll make your closet neat and tidy in no time at all:
1. Single Out Old Clothes

When trying to organize a closet, your very first step should be to go through all of your clothes, singling out anything that you don't wear any more. Get rid of anything ratty or stained, anything that doesn't fit anymore, as well as anything that you haven't worn in the last four months. This will allow you to organize clothes that you actually wear a lot better.

2. Make It Simpler to Put Away

One of the major principles of storage is that an item of clothing should be easier to put away than it is to get out. Thus, instead of confining underwear to a tiny drawer, place them in an open-topped basket on a shelf instead. Similarly, any long robes or gowns should be hung from hooks, while blouses and sweaters should be neatly stacked up on top of each other.

3. Match Your Hangers

Most people tend to have quite a mishmash of hangers in their closet, seeing as many stores let you take their hangers home with you. Investing in a set of matching hangers will not only make your closet look a lot neater, but will also provide you with some extra space.

4. Use Multi-Level Hangers

The multi-level hanger is a fabulous invention! These types of hangers come with stacked bars that are able to hold multiple garments at once. These will easily help you save heaps of space by letting you pair long items of clothing with shorter ones.

5. Start Using Shoe Racks

Finding space to store shoes can be a problem for even the most organized among us. It's important to get shoes up and off the floor, so using shoe racks or shoe bags will help you smartly use the space you have available.

6. Try Using Modular Wire Grid Cubes

These innovative wire grid cubes are inexpensive and can help you organize your closet in multiple ways. Building them vertically will allow you to subdivide large shelves or to create cubbyholes for boots and handbags. Assembled horizontally, they're perfect for stacking shoes or sweaters. Additionally, suspending a whole panel to your wall or door will allow you to stylishly display your jewellery, belts or scarves.

7. Don't Forget to Use the Door.

Over-the-door shoe bags, hanger racks, and hooks will solve many of your annoying storage problems by making use of the wasted space behind your closet door. It's such a simple solution, yet one that many people make the mistake of overlooking.

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Images: depositphotos

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