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14 National Geographic Photos Taken by Mere Children

 Children these days have far more opportunities than we did, especially when it comes to technology. When National Geographic first arranged this photo competition for 6 to 14-year-olds, they probably weren't expecting to see photographs of such sublime beauty as those pictured below. The level of skill and understanding of subject is beyond breathtaking in these artistic compositions, fit to grace the cover of National Geographic itself. Behold the grand prize winning photo by 11-year-old Dewi and 13 other high quality nature photos!
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1. Grand Prize Winner: By Dewi Baggerman, Age 11, Netherlands
2. Honorable Mention in Amazing Animals: By Jennifer Jayne Evans Koumbatis, Age 10, Netherlands
3. Dromedaries on Diani, 2nd Place in Wild Vacation: By Piers Nicklin, Age 12
4. Honorable Mention in Weird but True: By Devananda Hardi, Age 7, Indonesia
5. Prairie Kiss, 2nd Place in Amazing Animals: By Frey Youssef, Age 12
6. Archway to Cesky Krumlov, 2nd Place in Dare to Explore: By Alexia Saigh
7. Runner up in Weird but True: By Pan Yinshi, Age 13, China
8. Wings, 1st Place in Amazing Animals: By David Hopkins, Age 13
9. Owning the Stage, Grand Prize Winner: By Kate Anderson, Age 12
10. Runner up, in Amazing Animals: By Maj Kastelic, Age 13, Slovenia
11. Mystic Gates, 1st Place in Dare to Explore: By Riley Harlan, Age 12
12. Runner up, 1st Place in Wild Vacation: By Sanya Jain, Age 12, India
13. Zip-Line adventure, 1st Place in Wild Vacation: By Ryan Hughes, Age 13
14. Underwater Basketball, 2nd Place in Weird but True: By Josephine Goldman, Age 13
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Josephine Goldman

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