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These Tricks Will Teach You to Communicate with Anyone

When we strike a wrong chord with someone, we may feel uncomfortable; when we are being yelled at, we may feel inclined to yell back; when we feel apprehensive, we may bury our mind with worry. We may have difficulty getting the attention of someone we like, and we may never ask for what it is we truly want. These psychological tricks will help you better communicate with others and will help you build good relationships with just about anyone. 
1. You're speaking to someone, but you are uncertain of their answer
If the person you are speaking to left something unsaid, wasn't clear, or you suspect they lied, don't ask them to repeat themselves. 
Do this: Look silently and attentively into their eyes. This technique will raise concern in the person you are speaking to and they will be forced to continue their thoughts and express themselves more clearly. 
2. Someone has just yelled at you
psychological tricks
While yelling back may seem like your best alternative, try this technique instead:
Do this: Stay calm and impassive. At first, their reaction will likely be anger, but it will quickly subside. They will likely feel a sense of guilt for his or her defiant and aggressive behavior. Consequently, they'll likely be the first to ask for forgiveness. 
3. If a person is criticizing you
While hearing negative words about yourself may be hard, try to gather up some courage.
Do this: Sit or stand beside them. The person will likely relent and say less negative things about you than if you were at a distance.
4. If you're feeling apprehensive
psychological tricks

Our meal times are usually associated with peace and security - this technique may therefore help when you are feeling apprehensive. 
Do this: Chew some gum. Doing so will trick your brain into thinking that you are eating. Which will in turn make you feel that there is nothing to worry about, making you feel more confident and relaxed after a while. 


5. Observe people's eyes after a successful joke
This can teach you a great deal about the people in the group.
Do this: If everyone in a group starts laughing at once, look around. Instinctively, people look at who they like most or with whom they want to get closer. 

6. When you meet someone you are not too keen to meet
psychological tricks

This technique will teach you to warm up to a person. Soon enough the pleasure of meeting them will be sincere. 
Do this: Express a little more joy than usual towards the person. Smile sincerely and say their name more gently and warmly. 

7. Catch the attention of a person you like
This technique works flawlessly and never fails.
Do this: Stare at something directly behind their shoulders. Once you've caught the person's sight, look into their eyes and gently smile.

8. Raise the bar while declaring any requirements or terms
psychological tricks
At first, they won't agree to them and will most likely refuse.
Do this: Asking for more than what you want may not get you the answer that you were hoping for. But, when you make a second offer, people are likely to cave to your smaller request if they have denied you something bigger before. 
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