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These Inventions Are Coming: How Did We Ever Cope?

Though I don’t know much about technology and science, I think I know a good idea when I see one. And here are some of the best concepts and inventions I have ever seen. I find it hard to know where they even got their ideas from - let alone how they have managed to put their ideas into practice - so, three cheers for these superb inventions that I hope will be making our lives even more enjoyable, efficient and economical. 

“If at first the idea is not absurd,
then there is no hope for it.”

So said Albert Einstein, giving support to an entire army of dreamy inventors who are changing the way we live our lives all the time. But inventing is a tough competitive field, on the one hand, inventors have to pitch wild and shocking ideas, on the other hand, they have to come up with something that people will actually want to buy. Let’s take a good look at what ideas they have been coming up for us lately, and see which ones you think are likely to be winners. Here are my top 7!

1. Elevated Bus 
This invention takes the biscuit, a bus that can travel above traffic. Five times cheaper than a subway, this awesome idea proves once again that the Chinese really can think outside the box. Each bus will carry 1200 passengers to their destinations, promising to make commutes a breeze. This truly is an invention that the world can enjoy together. 

2. Painless Dentistry Machine
Called the Convergent Dental Solea, this invention struck me straight away as desirable and necessary. I hate going to the dentist, and I know I am not alone, so this carbon-dioxide laser is a godsend that offers root canals, crown fittings, working on teeth and gums without causing pain, or bleeding, obviating the need for anesthesia.  

3. The Lightest Metal Ever
100 times lighter than Styrofoam comes this incredibly weightless metal, microlattice, made up of a network of minuscule hollow metal tubes. This is the lightest metal ever, and once it is mass produced it could revolutionize engineering, enabling once heavy parts of airplanes, bridges, and buildings to stand strong without weighing a ton. 

4. Transparent Fridge door
LG is a Korean Electronics giant who makes fridges that turn your kitchen into a high tech paradise. This fridge actually saves power by showing you its contents. Simply knock twice on the door and it becomes transparent. You can also open it by tapping your foot onto a projected hologram which senses your presence.

5. Hyperloop - Super Train
The Hyperloop is a low-pressure capsule that transports passengers at speeds around 700 mph. It uses technology similar to that used in modern aviation, except this capsule travels underground, or through a pipe. That makes this invention comfortably the fastest train service in the world, changing the way we live by removing traffic problems from us, and making cities less congested, meaning we can live hundreds of miles from our workplace. 


6. Sign Language Translating Gloves
Two young university students have put their considerable brains together to come up with a very fascinating prototype pair of gloves that can reinterpret sign language into English. The sign-language speaker wears the gloves, signs as usual, and an electronic voice translates audibly, making the deaf able to be heard by anybody. The inventors are very excited that this invention opens up a whole new world of communication potential between the deaf and the hearing. 

7. Milk Carton That Knows When Milk Goes Bad
Sometimes inventions are just ways for inventors to show off their genius, other times they are very useful solutions to existing problems. Have you ever taking a shocking swig of gone-off milk? I have and I will never forget the taste! Well, this carton will put an end to that since it turns bright orange when the milk goes bad. Now, milk producers need to start using this packaging!

Milk Carton


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