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9 Ways To Make Sure No Spiders Enter Your Home

 Many people run a mile when they see a spider, and it’s quite a rational fear. Some spiders are poisonous while others just turn your home into a ghost house with their dusty cobwebs. Instead of having to combat them after they’ve already made themselves welcome in your home, take preemptive action and make sure they don’t get a chance to enter. Thankfully, you don’t need pesticide or mosquito nets to do this. Instead, here are 9 natural tips to keep those creepy crawlies away.


How to get rid of spiders
Repel spiders with scent

1. Peppermint - Peppermint makes for a delicious tea or chewing gum flavor, but spiders don't think so. The sweet smell is repugnant to them. So spritzing a solution of water (and putting it in a standard spray bottle) with 15 drops of peppermint essential oil can effectively keep them away for quite some time. Spray this homemade solution in the corners and entrances of your home. An added benefit of this remedy is that it will make your home smell great.

2. Citrus peels - Not everyone wants their home smelling like peppermint.  But spiders don’t respond well to citrus smells either, so If you prefer citrus flavors, you can use the peel of lemons or oranges to keep your home spider-less. Rub the baseboards, bookshelves, and windowsills using a lemon or orange peel or rind, to ensure the spiders don’t infiltrate your living areas.

3. Cinnamon – Another smell spiders hate is cinnamon. Light cinnamon candles or burn cinnamon essential oil, or any other method that will flood your home with this fresh scent. It not only repels spiders but has been known to chase away other hazardous insects.
How to get rid of spiders

4. Tobacco – This option leaves your home free from a strong scent and will naturally drive the spiders away. You can either sprinkle chewing tobacco in the corners of your homes or concoct a water solution to spray the smell around your home. You will first need to soak the tobacco in water before this solution can effectively work.  


5. Vinegar - This common household ingredient can be used for many minor problems, but few know it’s another of the many smells spiders dislike. Combine with water in a spray bottle, and spritz to keep those spiders far from your humble habitation. If you find vinegar has a strong smell you don’t enjoy, add a few drops of your essential oil of choice to mask the scent.

6. Essential oils – As you probably understand by now, spiders are very sensitive to smells, usually the ones that people enjoy. They don’t respond well to tea tree, neem or lavender. Burn these essential oil flavors with an oil burner, or combine a few drops of oil with lukewarm water in a spray bottle to spread the smell around your home quickly. This method is especially effective during winter when it is harder to get some fresh enough ingredients to keep spiders at bay. Make sure to spray near any door cracks and window frames, where spiders often creep through.

7. Cats - If you are thinking about getting a pet, consider a cat. You don’t have to buy pets many toys because they find their own amusements. Cats love to hunt and chase after spiders. They can help you find out where the spiders are coming from. With more practice, they get better at locating them. An added benefit is they usually like to dispose of them as well.

How to get rid of spiders

8. Weatherstrips and tight-fitting screens - Installing these in your house is a cost-effective way of keeping spiders away. They also ward off other bothersome creepy crawlers and insects like mosquitoes and ants. Make sure to install them over all the vents and windows around the house so that your home has no open entrances for any arachnids.

9. Trees in the backyard - Some trees and plants naturally repel spiders and other insects from coming near your home. If you have a small yard or garden, add an extra barrier by planting a eucalyptus tree. This sturdy tree requires minimal maintenance and can offer you shade, fresh air, and a pleasant smell.

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