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The product is past its expiration day? So what?

We tend to throw out a great deal of food just because it has passed the last date of expiration. Should it really be this way, does the expiration date decide? As it turns out - not so much.
In a piece published by the BBC, professor Liza Acreli, expert of environmental health of Salford University in England, reviewed various food products and determined the real expiration date, after which they should not be consumed.
As a rule, she said, it is better to trust your nose than the date stamped on the package. This works for both good and bad cases. 
According to professor Acreli, so as you don't take any risks, take into account the following information in addition to your smell test:
Can be good for eating if passes smell test, even 2 days after expiration date.
expiration date
Can last 2 more days.
Remember to check both smell and that it doesn't have lumps. 
expiration date 




Yellow Cheese
In a closed container, can last even 2 weeks after the expiration date. 
expiration date
Can be good to eat even a month after the expiration date. Smell won't help so much here. 
expiration date
Flour, Sugar, Rice and Pasta
Can last 10 YEARS after expiration date, if they are kept in a closed package without being exposed to moisture. 
expiration date
Jam and Honey
Never go bad, as long as they are kept clean without outside materials.
expiration date

TIP: It is recommended not to put these foods on dirty dishes or dishes that haven't been washed thoroughly, or risk contaminating the food.

main photo:Mark Turnauckas

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