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Liven Up Your Outdoors with these 10 Winter Evergreens

Come winter, our outdoor space may look rather drab and dull with many plants unable to survive the cold temperatures, rain or snow. From shrubs to spruces, here are 10 evergreens that can stand up to the winter season, and add a perfect touch of liveliness to your front patio or garden.


1. Japanese Yew

Winter plants

Commonly grown in North America and Eastern Asia, Japanese Yew is renowned for making it through exceptionally harsh winters. And while it can stand up to the winter season, this plant is actually an excellent fit for porches all year round - it tolerates drought and thrives in both full and partial sunlight. Japanese Yew can also be grown as a tree, reaching more than 50 feet in height.


2. Potted Blue Spruce

Winter plants

This iconic evergreen is predominantly associated with holiday decorating - it is often used as a Christmas tree. In order for the plant to survive, it must have full sunlight and it also requires quite a great deal of watering. It may also be grown in a small pot. If doing so, add a hole for proper drainage, adding a layer of sponge directly over the drainage hole to help hold moisture.


3. Boxwood Hedge

Winter plants

This evergreen is popular with garden designers worldwide primarily due to its use as topiary (the art of clipping shrubs into ornamental shapes). As it requires full sun to grow, this plant is best placed in front of a porch or on a patio, as opposed to a shade-covered outdoor area.


4. Thread Branch Cypress

Winter plants

To add some texture to your outdoor space, the Thread Branch Cypress ought to do it. It tends to take an interesting shape - weeping downwards, and is especially known for its unique coloring - its golden-yellow foliage. When planted in the ground, this shrub can grow as big as six-by-eight feet tall, but needs full sun to thrive.


5. Brown's Yew

Winter plants

This evergreen shrub is characterized by extremely slow growth. To maintain a healthy look, it needs watering twice a week and exposure to full, or at least, partial sunlight.


6. Winter Gem Boxwood

Winter plants

While it may be bright green come spring, in the winter, this pretty plant takes on a golden bronze tinge. To survive, it needs full or partial sunlight.


7. Ligustrum

Winter plants

This evergreen is native to Japan, but is commonly grown for ornamental use in California, Texas and throughout the Southeastern United States, and is especially popular with homeowners in urban and rural settings. While it adapts well to different types of soil, Ligustrum needs full sun and partial shade to thrive.

8. English Boxwood

Winter plants

This evergreen is suitable for both container gardening and topiary. While predominantly known for its slow growth and yellow-green coloring on its leaves, at full maturity, this shrub can reach two feet in width and height. To thrive it needs watering twice a week and full sun exposure.


9. Wheeler's Dwarf Japanese Mock Orange

Winter plants

Best as ground cover, this plant produces small scented flowers with orange coloring. When grown in partial to full sunlight, it can reach three feet in height and five feet in width.


10. Cypress Topiary

Winter plants

This plant is similar to the boxwood hedge - in that it is also ideal for topiary. For best growth, place potted cypress in an area that gets morning sunshine, but afternoon shade. Be cautious when watering though, it can rot easily if oversaturated. On this note, it is best to water in the morning to allow for proper evaporation before the sun sets.


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