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Game: Word Drop!

Talk about games that give the brain a good exercise! This game puts your verbal abilities to the test and puts you on a timer so you can't cheat your way out of it! What's more, you have complete control of what words you want to make up, allowing you all the creativity you could want, to beat this game. So if you love words, word play, or just to play - this is the game for you!

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How to play

~ To begin, wait for the game to load and click on the orange PLAY button. 
~ The objective of this game is to click on the letters that fall from above, creating real words as fast as you can, to finish all the letters and beat the level. Use your left mouse button to click on the letters in the order of the word.
~ The top left corner of the screen will tell you if you have a word already (green) or not (red). If you take too long, the screen will fill with letters and time will run out.

The following image will show you the game screen and what each area does:

word drop help

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