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15 Things That Shouldn't Have Gone Out of Style




It might seem nice not having to curtsy every time we meet someone new or being forced to wear white gloves while drinking tea, but there are many different trends and customs from yesteryear that really need to come back into fashion! Here are 15 of the things that I miss the most:
1. Writing a Diary

What person is more entitled to know your innermost feelings than yourself? It's charming and sometimes quite hilarious to go over what mattered to you once upon a time.

2. Writing Love Letters by Hand

There's something sweet and innocent about reading old love letters, whether they're from our own youth or written by our older relatives.

3. Being Modest

Nowadays, it seems that there's nothing that's off-limits. Would it really be such a crime to occasionally be a bit more retiring in the way we dress, speak, and act? We don't think so!

4. Recipe Cards

While it's very convenient to search for recipes on the Internet, it's a far more personal experience cooking something that a friend or relative wrote out for you.

5. Saying 'Ma'am' and 'Sir'

If saying either of these words makes you feel too stiff or formal, then it's probably because we've become too accustomed to the rudeness of modern day living.

6. Curvy Women

From the Golden Age of Hollywood to the nude paintings of the Renaissance, curvy women ruled the roost. It's a real shame that many of today's women aspire to have an unhealthily skinny physique.

7. Printing Photos

Not too long ago, leafing through old photo albums was a pastime that many people enjoyed. Scrolling through rows of images from behind a computer screen really doesn't feel the same.

8. Drive-in Movies

Crowding into your dad's station wagon for the latest double feature was an absolute blast! It's a real shame that there are practically none left.


9. Saying 'Please' and 'Thank You'

Whatever happened to common courtesy? I remember a time when I actually wasn't surprised or shocked to hear someone say these magic words.

10. Having Table Manners

Not talking with a full mouth and chewing with your mouth closed should be common sense, but it seems that there's much less of it around these days.

11. Baby Books

It's a real shame that nobody seems to make these any more, since our cute little bundles of joy really do grow up way too fast!

12. Not Swearing All the Time

Nobody can say that saying bad words isn't satisfying, but what would your grandmother think about someone with a potty mouth? I still remember getting told off for saying 'holy mackerel!'

13. Wearing Hats

I remember a time when a bad hair day wasn't a big deal in the slightest. I'd just stick on a fedora or a beret, and that would be the end of it.

14. Calling Someone

Saying 'Happy Birthday' through a text message or a Facebook post doesn't quite pass on your sentiments as well as lovingly singing down the phone does.

15. Holding the Door for Someone

Chivalry really is dead! I can't remember the last time that a stranger held a door open for me, but I can remember a couple of times I've had a door slammed shut in my face!


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