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How to Always Look Great in Photos - 10 Useful Tips

We all want to look amazing in pictures, whether we’re taking selfies every day or just posing for the occasional family photo. But if you don’t know how to pose to highlight your personality and strong sides, even an impeccable outfit and a picturesque background won’t be able to salvage the photo. On the other hand, posing alone can turn an average photo into a beautiful one.
If you want to improve your posing skills, check out these pro photographer’s tips and try them the next time you’ll have the chance. In these photos, the Chicago-based photographer, Bonnie Rodríguez Krzywicki, demonstrates 10 posing dos and don’ts.

1. Avoid hunching over when posing for a photo. Sit up (or stand up) straight instead, to look more attractive and confident.

Useful Posing Tips hunching over

2. When taking a group photo, have some of the people stand and others sit. This will create more levels in the picture and will make it look both more casual and interesting.

3. Don't lock your arms in front of you like in the picture on the left because this will make you look standoffish (and it adds a few extra pounds in photos too). Instead, put one hand on the waist to emphasize it.

4. Here's another group photo tip: interact with the other people in the picture, and not only with the camera. This helps tell a story and will make the photo more dynamic and fun.

5. Avoid looking down in portrait photos, as it will make you look a bit lost. If you prefer not to look directly into the camera, try directing your gaze slightly up and to the side, like in the picture on the right.

6. Instead of standing straight in front of a camera, move your body slightly to the side and step back with one leg. This will render the picture more alive and dynamic.

7. Take advantage of the surroundings and interact with them. In this photo, the bridge railing serves as a prop, and it adds interest to the resulting picture.

8. If you want to look taller and slimmer in a photo in which you are sitting, raise your heels slightly, and remember to sit up straight.

9. If you're wearing a garment with interesting details, remember to show off those details in the picture. In the photo on the right, the emphasis is on the leg cutout, for example.

10. And lastly, get comfortable with the camera. Let the photographer follow you around as you interact with other people and objects. This is sure to upgrade even the most boring family photo!

Useful Posing Tips cabin group photo
See more posing tips and tricks on Bonnie Rodriguez Krzywicki's Instagram page and Facebook page.
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