What's the Next Song Line?

Can you guess the next line from these classic songs? In this quiz, we will give you a few lines from 12 very famous songs, and you'll need to tell us which of the lines is the correct one. Can you pull off this feat of musical memory?
What's the next line from 'Hey Jude', performed by The Beatles?
Then you begin to make it better."
You let her within, she makes it better."
And from within, she makes it better."
Only then you've been, in a place that's better."
What's the next line from 'Piano Man' performed by Billy Joel?
when I wore a younger man's clothes."
before I became comatose."
when I danced on my toes."
when I had a younger man's throws."
What's the next line from 'My Way', performed by Frank Sinatra?
and saw it through, without exemption."
and that is why, I now am certain."
and all the while, I was strengthened."
and done it all, without hesitation."
What's the next line from "Moon River", performed by Audrey Hepburn?
I'm crossing you in style one day."
I long to cross you but, I stay."
so full of heart and smile, today."
you make me want to smile, this day."
What's the next line from 'Hotel California', performed by The Eagles?
Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way..."
Then she smiled at me, leaned and kissed my face..."
Then she flicked on the lights, and made night into day..."
Then she beckoned me in, there's a place to stay..."
What's the next line from 'Your Song', performed by Elton John?
It's for people like you that keep it turned on."
it's amazing how the world still spins on."
and I finished it in time to turn you on."
it's your smile that kept me this long."
What's the next line from 'Heartbreak Hotel', performed by Elvis Presley?
to cry there in the gloom."
to find there their doom."
to dream of perfume."
to make it their tomb."
What's the next line from 'Over the Rainbow', performed by Judy Garland?
Where trouble melts like lemon drops..."
Where happiness is high and your love comes by..."
Where laughter blooms like flower tops..."
Where miracles happen every day..."
What's the next line from 'Dancing Queen', performed by ABBA?
you come to look for a king."
take off that ring."
scream, shout and sing."
we came to feel something."
What's the next line from 'Johnny B. Good', performed by Jerry Lee Lewis?
There stood a log cabin made of earth and wood."
There lived a little boy named Johnny B. Goode."
There was a little village made of wood and stone."
There used to be a small neighborhood."
What's the next line from 'Boy Named Sue', performed by Johnny Cash?
and my wits got keen."
and my legs got lean."
and my eye's got a glean."
and trouble was cuisine."
What's the next line from 'A Change is Gonna Come', performed by Sam Cooke?
I've been running ever since."
I've been going my own way."
I've been flowing everywhere."
I'm forgotten on the way."
Has It Been a While?
Maybe it's been a while since you've heard these songs, or maybe we're just so darn good at creating fake ones! Either way, you may want to try your luck again before looking at your mistakes...
Musical Memories
You've got some good musical memories! Either that or, even better, you still listen to these mighty fine tunes that will always be a great part of music. Good job on this quiz, although there is still a better score to be had if you want to try again... Now I think I'm going to go listen to some old records, excuse me.
A Musical Ear
Wow! Way to go! You've aced this quiz and got the highest score category. That's awesome, and it means you have a great memory for these classics or, better yet, you still listen to these timeless tunes. And why wouldn't you? Congratulations! You aced this quiz. Now I think I'm going to go listen to some old records, excuse me.
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