Could You Still Pass a Driving Test Today?

Many of us passed our driving test decades ago, and have been driving ever since. However, seeing as a lot has changed since then, do you think you've still got what it takes to pass a US driving test if you were to go through another one today? This test will let you know.
blank yellow sign
What does yellow and black diamond-shaped sign mean?
It warns you about bad conditions on or near the road.
It helps direct you to cities or towns ahead.
It means that you should give way to oncoming traffic.
It means that there may be elderly people or schoolchildren in the area.
curved road sign
What does this sign mean?
It means that there are a series of curves ahead.
It means that the road may be slippery when wet.
It means that no turns are allowed on this road.
It indicates a good spot to overtake slow vehicles.
red light
When can you turn right on a red light?
If you stop first and check for traffic and pedestrians.
If you are riding a motorbike.
If there is a red arrow within the traffic light.
If you are in a hurry.
train crossing lights
What does a flashing red light at a railroad crossing mean?
Stop and do not proceed until you're signalled to.
Slow down and proceed if clear.
You have the right-of-way.
Only pedestrians may cross.
busy road at night
When can you legally pass through a line dividing two lanes?
If it's a broken white line.
If it's a solid white line.
If it's a double solid yellow line.
If it's a double solid white line.
very big traffic jam
What type of lines divide lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions?
Yellow lines.
White lines.
Red lines.
Blue lines.
complex highway
A highway with two-way traffic is marked by which of these signs?
two-way traffic sign
traffic merge sign
divided highway sign
warning sign in front of car short URL
What does an orange triangle on the back of a vehicle indicate?
This vehicle travels at slower speeds than normal traffic.
This vehicle takes wide turns.
This vehicle carries radioactive materials.
This vehicle is carrying a VIP.
US school bus
What must you do if a school bus has its lights flashing and its stop arm extended?
Stop at least 10 feet away from the bus.
Pass only if children have exited the bus.
Drive slowly beside the bus.
Stop at least 50 feet away from the bus.
turn signal
If your turn signals fail, what should you use to indicate that you are turning?
Hand signals.
Your horn.
Your headlights.
Your voice.
Mercedes with headlights on
You must use your headlights when other vehicles aren't visible from how many feet away?
1000 feet away.
700 feet away.
2000 feet away.
500 feet away.
black exit on left sign
When exiting a highway, when should you start slowing down?
When you have moved into the exit lane.
Once you can see the toll booth.
When you first see the exit sign.
When you are no more than 100 feet from the exit.
shocked female driver
Go Back to Driving School
Oh dear! We hate to break it to you, but unfortunately you didn't get enough correct answers to pass you driving test! But don't worry, BabaMail has got plenty of driving tips and tricks that'll help you improve your skills in no time at all. With a little practice and a lot of patience, we're positive that you'll manage to get the hang of it in the end. Stay safe, and never give up!
tearing up L plate
You Just Managed to Pass
Well done! You managed to pass your test, even though some of your answers weren't entirely spot on. You don't find it too difficult to tell the many different signs on US roads apart, and exiting a busy highway doesn't seem to present too much of a challenge either. If you'd like to further improve on your driving skills, then you might want to check out some of BabaMail's many posts on driving and motoring in general. Stay safe, and keep it up!
dog with sunglasses in car
You Passed With Flying Colors!
Congratulations! Your motoring skills are absolutely out of this world! You know precisely what every sign means, and you have no trouble at all when looking for parking or exiting an incredibly busy highway. Thanks to people like you the roads are a far safer place for motorists and pedestrians alike! You can give us a lift any time you feel like it! Don't forget to share this quiz with your friends and family if you enjoyed it.
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